Covid-19: If Our Religious Leaders Can Do This, Everybody Will Want To Worship

Fight Against Covid-19

This message should not be taken for granted and it should not be taken as hate speech. It’s just to remind the religion leaders what members are expecting of them in this time of Covid-19 pandemic.

If Our Religious Leaders follow this steps, Everybody Will Want To Serve God

In Islam, there are some set of people regarded as Almosakin wa Alfuqarai (The Beggers and the Poor). These set of people in Islam are expected to be helped. We have them in our vicinities.

If you know your Church/Mosque has more than #100k in their accounts, please go there when you have nothing to eat.

Now, some Churches have created a short code during this period of No Work No Pay for thousands of private workers. This short code is the USDD code that members will dial on their phone to make payment to Church account either offerings or tight.

Please can we ask ourselves, where are they expecting members to earn from? Dough, there are millions of people who can still afford to make payment without even working for 10yrs in this country. Not only in Nigeria but in the whole world.

Let’s think about the poor who are finding it so difficult to put food on the table just because of Covid-19. Is this not the right time to give back to them what they have planted in the Church or Mosque.

All the Islamic societies should imbibe the act of giving and respond to members now. They all need your assistant and I will be glad to remind us that it’s the only Churches or Islamic societies that give out packages now that members will surely want to come back to.

Is it possible for Chief missioners to be eating what they like and their poor members eat what they see. And that’s only when they see something to hold their stomach. I have written this is a very low language that will be easier for you all to read and digest with good understanding.

I know some Churches in my area that are calling their members for welfare packages and I hope all the big Churches should emulate this and make people happy.

It’s time to help members which I know quite well that your pastors/Imam know about your standard of living.

And most people are taking this opportunity to relent, stay at home does not affect our worship most especially the Muslims, you can always observe your salat in your house with your household. Likewise the Christians should do the same at their respective homes.

If you continue to wait for government, the new #HungerVirus that is very worse than Coronavirus will kill you and No heaven for you!!!

Religious leaders please start calling your members and give financial help to those that can not survive during this stay home stay safe period. Not until they come to you sirs.

Some may not come to you, not because they are ok but because they don’t have the courage to do so.

May God help us. 

Thank you as you do so.

Happy Easter to all the Christians of the world.


© Williams Adebajo 2020 CEO #NAIRABLINK

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