Attending Churches, Musques, Club, Parties Are Not More Necessary To Human

So it’s real that all Churches, Mosques, Club House and other social gathering avenue are closed down over the arrival of the deadly pandemic. 

So, the whole world could forcefully close down for a reason? God is great!!!

Having the house of God locked up should be a message to the world that God is capable of destroying the world with anything.

  • Suddenly nobody is thinking about business.
  • Nobody is planning when to travel.
  • Nobody is busy reading for an examination.
  • Schools are closed down.
  • Nobody is saving for vacation.

Clubbing is not even coming to mind. Some people have even ignored their boyfriends/girlfriends.

Our communities that were overpopulated have suddenly been rid of hold ups and congestion. No more rushing to work and catching the early bus.

Earning a degree is no longer the priority. Spending lavishly on parties is no longer a trend. Hotels and brothels are shut down. Gluttony is now frowned at.

People now have a sense of management when we are asked to sit at home without providing any release package.

We now understand that going to church is not the same as going to God.

Muslims are now praying at home. Husbands and wives are living a preferable lives without with little or no income.

Children are now seeing their both parents everyday.

Money has become useless to the rich! Wealth has failed the wealthy. Corruption is exposed. The powerful is rendered powerless.

Fathers now understand what it means to have a family. Some mothers have understood how risky it is to place their children above their husbands.

The party freaked women are now at home while their clothes are there in their cupboards doing nothing.

People now realise that above the hustle and bustle, it is life that matters. That is the most important thing.

The rate of the Covid-19 pandemic is increasing everyday.

We now care for and look after those around us. This is the time when many will learn to love unconditionally. Some politicians will turn a new leaf when this is all over.

Don’t get me wrong: I said some!

Cleanliness will be restored in schools, and mothers will teach their children to be neat.

Series of topics regarding the pandemic will be treated when school resumed.

Some pastors will learn that it is better to build men than to build blocks: of what use are those beautiful edifices?

Now when your members don’t even feel like today is Sunday. Education will no longer be a do-or-die affair: professors are in their rooms now, their certificates and degrees totally useless.

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Everybody are not going on digital. All artistes are not organising online shows that bring all their fans together online without leaving their homes.

We will now learn to depend and check on each other: do you see how many stay safe messages you have received?

To some house wives, Covid’19 is a blessing because their husbands remain at home and pay attention to the kids.

Some father’s don’t know how their grown up children are performing in School. And some children can not even identify their fathers due to early morning wake up and getting home very late in the night.

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Some politicians are taking advantage of this pandemic to embezzle. Most especially those in office presently.

I’m not sure if covid-19 is the handwork of men or a divine arrangement.

But one thing I know: when this is over, a little sanity will be restored to the world and the world will move back a few centuries, when men hadn’t lost their sense of being human.

Check back for more updates on Covid-19.

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