COTP: The Business Concept of COTPS Arbitrage Trading


My Initial Observations & Understandings on the Business Concept of COTPS Arbitrage Trading….

When I first came across the Plan / Proposal of COTP, the very FIRST IMPRESSION was that, it may Not be Genuine and Legit. I thought, how could a Company give a GUARANTEED Return of around 3 to 3.6% PER DAY??

But still, before Rejecting it straight away, I thought of going little deep into the subject and go through all the write-ups, all the informations being sent, the PDF Presentation, supporting Screenshots, Images, Videos etc etc.

That time, I knew Nothing about the DECENTRALIZED SYSTEM, SMART CONTRACT, LIQUIDITY POOL etc, which I learned from YOU now, after joining your group.

Once I studied the concept of ARBITRAGE, which has already been into existence in the STOCK and COMMODITY Trading for quite a long period, I realized the AUTHENTICITY and LEGITIMACY of this whole concept.

I mainly Analysed & Studied, the 3 MAIN ASPECTS / FEATURES existing on the COTP system.

  •  FIRST & the FOREMOST, I checked out the PRICE DIFFERENCES of some of the Cryptos on some of the exchanges in different regions / markets across the world, my eyes were WIDE OPEN, with the REALISATION & the KNOWLEDGE that dawned upon me.

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Thereafter, I did some simple CALCULATIONS to have an IDEA on the NUMBERS….

For Instance, let’s say I have Invested 1000 USDT for Trade. The current Price of USDT in INDIA is 80 INR and the Bid-Price I got from the Automated system / Intelligent Competition for Success, is 82 INR. So, the Difference in the Price is only 2 INR (0.026 USD / 10.62 Nigerian Naira).

Though, I have Myself Noticed and found out, even much much HIGHER Price Differences, than this 2 INR, but for Calculations sake, I’m considering a small figure only to explain my point.

So, when I authorized the Trade of 1000 USDT to COTP and the system sourced the Higher Bid Price difference of only 2 INR PER USDT, COTP generated a Gross PROFIT of 2000 INR (1000 Usdt x 2 INR) which is EQUAL to 25 Usdt (2000 ÷ 80).

But, how much INCOME did COTP gave me for Trading My 1000 USDT, on their Platform? As per the Company Offer, they are giving us 0.3% PER TRADE ie. 0.3% of 1000 = 3 USDT.

Even considering the REFERRAL Payouts….

  1. LEVEL I = 0.45 Usdt (15% of 3)L
  2. LEVELII = 0.30 Usdt (10% of 3)L
  3. LEVELIII = 0.15 Usdt (5% of 3)

Now, adding all the above, COTP Distributed a TOTAL of….
3 + 0.45 + 0.30 + 0.15 = 3.90 USDT only, but got the Total REVENUE of 25 USDT in that One Transaction.

So, the NET PROFIT COTP made is 21.10 USDT

  • Gross Profit = 25 USDT (100%)
  • Profit Shared = 3.90 USDT (15.6%)
  • Net Profit = 21.10 USDT (84.4%)

Hence, we can see, COTP generated EXCELLENT INCOMES for themselves, when WE Traded OUR MONEY using their system. And COTP shared only a very SMALL FRACTION of their Total INCOME with their Investors and retained a LARGE PORTION of around 85% for themselves, even after giving those 3 Levels of Referrals.

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It was THEN, that I realized the PROFITABILITY & the VIABILITY of the BUSINESS IDEA, which forms the BASIS of COTP.

  • SECONDLY, the FACT, that this Business of COTP could be started even with the SMALLEST POSSIBLE AMOUNT of just 10 USDT, was for me, THE MOST PEOPLE-FRIENDLY / INVESTOR-FRIENDLY feature of the Company.
  •  THIRDLY, I have come across people who have Started with just 10 to 15$ only and thereafter, with their sheer hard work, perseverance and determination, went on to make an astounding TOTAL of about 1000 to 2000$. That’s simply WONDERFUL, something like “ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY” for the Not-so-Lucky people.

With The Above Illustration You Should Understand The Concept of COTPS Arbitrage Trading

This, PROVED that COTP, as a company was ready to give even the Financially-challenged souls an Opportunity & the Scope to have UNLIMITED INCOME.

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Hence, based on all the above Features, incorporated within the COTP system, I came to the CONCLUSION that, COTP is indeed, really a GREAT GREAT COMPANY to work with, for eternity.

For more clarification that COTPS is coming back soon and how legit it is, what this video.

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