CoreDAO: How to Claim Your Core Airdrop

How to claim your airdrop starting from 1pm Nigeria.

CoreDAO has started distributing Gas fee. Everyone that linked their wallet should check theirs, If you haven’t received it please try update your metamask….

CoreDAO airdrop

As they promised that by February 8th the first airdrop of CORE tokens will be enabled. Checking your meta mask for those that have linked their withdrawal wallet address from Meta mask, you should see the gas fee of 0.1 core equivalent to $6,555.

This is a detailed guide on how to claim your airdrop, both for claiming via browser and mobile.

To claim your CoreDAO Airdrop follow the following steps:

  1. copy this link

  2. Paste on metamask browser

  3. Once you are on the CoreDAO homepage, choose the “Airdrop” option on the top right.

  4. Next you have to choose your country of permanent residence.

  5. The website will automatically select a country connected to your IP Address. If it shows the correct country please confirm with the “Confirm” button.

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If the automatically detected country is not your country of residence, please use the drop down next to the country displayed to see the whole list of countries and choose your country of residence.

After choosing the correct country you’ll be directly transferred to the next step.

Once it shows the correct country, please confirm with the “Confirm” button.

  1. Choose the displayed option, the MetaMask wallet. Once you select the MetaMask option, the “Connect” button is enabled.

  2. Confirm connecting to the side by pressing the “Connect” button.

After that you should jump directly to the view of the Vesting Schedule.

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  1. Please make sure that the wallet address displayed is the same that you linked in your Satoshi App account.
    You will see your total amount of CORE, as well as the amount that is available to claim now.

Click the “Claim” button to proceed.


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Check this Guidelines on how to claim core everyone prior to the airdrop unlocking time which is today!!!

Core airdrop

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