Concept of Videomine MLM Version 2 (Ultimate Guide)

Are you thinking of migrating to Videomine MLM version 2?

Is Videomine technology MLM version 2 also Legit as videomine MLM version 1?

What are the new benefits of Videomine MLM version 2?

There will be a lot of these questions and answers in this content that will be answered by our personal experiences and by our In-depth research on this topic, read the content to the end for a better review and understanding of Videomine MLM version 2.

What Is Videomine MLM Version 2

Videomine MLM version 2 is an online earning platform that allows its users to earn on its platform by doing specific tasks. E.g watching videos, earning by daily visit (videomine login), viral posts, and a lot more. Each user can also earn money on the Videomine platform as a single affiliate or by users participating as a team (group work)

What is Videomine Technology?

Videomine Technology  is an online skills acquisition center dealing with sales of digital products (books, tutorials, courses, etc.) only and rendering of digital services like tutoring on those products

It is also an affiliate marketing/Networking platform from which various individuals earn sales revenue by inviting one another to learn or purchase our skills pack 

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It’s a digital skills platform that allows individuals of various backgrounds to learn various skills that can help them become better off than their counterparts in the nearest future.

We all know that the world is going digital and almost everything is digitally 

Hence, Videomine technology has taken that step to Bridge the gap and bring that knowledge of skills closer to all individuals at a reduced cost

RCN 3049754: Our RCN number shows that we’ve been registered for over 2 and a half years

Is Videomine MLM Version 2 Legit?

I can’t guarantee videomine is a Legit earning platform because most of the earning platforms like theirs fail to pay later on after they have a large audience.

At this present moment of writing this content, Videomine MLM Version 2 is legit and safe to invest in, just make sure you invest the amount you can afford to lose then you will be saved

Is Videomine MLM V2 (version 2) Scam

There have been screenshots and proof by their users that videomine is a legit earning platform by the time we published this content. We can guarantee a lifelong payment from the videomine platform but for now. It pays its users and they are screenshots and proof for it around the internet & media.

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How many packages does Videomine technology have

We currently have 2 packages running: The first package is the affiliate package which is pure referrals and the second package is the MLM package, more of this will be explained in other sections of this content.

History of the MLM Version 

MLM means (multi-level marketing), the MLM version one launched on exactly the first of Nov 2021 and it spanned through 6 months before it was rebranded with additional features which led to the second version 

It saw a total payout of compensation plan of over 487,000,000 and through the version one of the multi-level marketing package, over 11  subscribers made one million and above

Then over 120 individuals made over 100,000 and above, which made the values round off to that level

Now, we were spreading large and growing well but lacked a few features, that was what led to the introduction of the version 2

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Elaboration of the newly launched MLM 

The newly launched MLM package is the same as the older version. 

There are only specific differences that include the following:

  1. transfer of earnings: users can now transfer earnings from one account to another account by simply logging into your dashboard and clicking the menu button from your dashboard, you’ll notice the icon called transfer. Click it, and input the username and the amount you want to transfer(note that the minimum is 25000) at once.
  2. Spillover: is the second added advancement of version 2 of videomine technology.

You earn 750 from your direct downlines as spillover immediately after your direct downlines completed their cycles as the first level spillover 

For the second level spillover, you earn 250 from your downlines( this means that you do not only earn spillover from your direct downlines, you’ll also earn spillover from those that your downlines refer to). You need to register just two downlines under you which are the 1st and 2nd person from the image 

Then you need to motivate and groom the 1st and second downlines to refer to downlines 3,4,5 and 6 and at then your cycle will become completed and you’ll immediately get your 20000 paid into your bank account

The below video gives a guide on how to get referrals fast and easily

Click the above link to watch this video regarding how to refer people and where to get referrals. We’ll be dropping more as time goes on.

To register for Videomine MLM Version 2 click here to join the telegram channel

Send me a Whatsapp Message For Registration and coupon code for Videomine MLM Version 2 just for #3,500 and cash out #20,000 when you invite 7 people under now.

VIDEOMINE.ORG MLM VERSION 2 is a purely referral activity package.

Registration is 3500 naira only

Ones you register. You automatically get 20,000 Naira displayed on your dashboard.

But you can only access it when you do this below

Things to do:

It requires you to refer 4 people directly with your link. (On the dashboard, 2 will be displayed as frozen while 2 will be displayed as Direct referrals)

Then you need 4 indirect. Which is any 4 that any of your downlines refer.  Gbam. You don get 20k (This simply means 4 indirect refs from ur downline even if its 1 direct downline that registers 4 others, u are done with that cycle) 20,000 is yours for withdrawals

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You can withdraw and choose to resubscribe.

When u resubscribe, another 20000 will be on ur dashboard for cashout, so
You need only 2 people to use your link this time. Not 4 anymore.
Then let your 2 people. Get 2 each under them.  Another 20,000 up for grabs

So it’s now 2 direct and 4 indirect (Team of 6) u can also have it any way u wanna have it but the max u can register using ur referral link for each cycle is 4. So u can even register 3 people or 4 while ur downline provide the rest but its feasible as 2 direct and 4 indirect most times.

For each cycle, you follow the same step. Of 2 people using your link


Each recycle gives you 20,000

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