Check The Meaning of Finster The New Trending Word on Social Media

According to Urban Dictionary the word Finster means:

When a chick is giving you head, and just before you climax, she brings her palm down onto your pen1s with extreme force, leaving you unable to attain an erection for weeks.

Ex. That bitch totally did the finster to me last night!


There are millions of Facebook users that are still looking for the meaning of the new trending word on social media Finster.

Friday Ohikhuai:

When I first saw #finster on Facebook, what came to my mind was #Purple_hibiscus_by_chimamanda_Adichie

I thought it was a campaign for freedom. #Women_and_their_right.

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To ease myself for unnecessary drama, I asked few people, and One of them told me #female_in_Nigeria.

The other said, because I’m not a female,it is not my business.

So, I searched Facebook and find out that, it is a group. And here is the meaning of #finster :


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Please,don’t follow the crowd when you don’t really have a clue of what they are doing.

Abolaye Afiz Mosope:


Finster according to what I learnt is a women group on Facebook created, owned and manage by a Nigerian woman, one (Lola Omolola) where women do share their stories as they love, learn, support, care and encourage themselves in the group.

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“IF” (Note the word IF) the above👆 is what the group truly encapsulate, I must sincerely affirm that I have got no problem whatsoever with it. It’s good.
I only hope it won’t lead to something else.

Feminism started exactly just like this.
Before you start your emotional outburst here, you may go back to your history book and read. How feminism started and what it later led to.

Like I posited earlier, the group is good according to what I learnt it was created for. I hope status quo remain.

I beg, no carry my matter go Una group. I remain loyal to your ministry oo.

Happy Anniversary to you guys..

#FinHug #FinKiss💋 #FinLove💕😎😀.

GoodNight and sweet dreams.

Abolayo Afiz Mosope

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Sisters and friends,

According to a verified page on Facebook, read this:

Many men also love FIN because they support the FINster in their lives.

That’s a good thing.

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Our new FINster frame is an incredible identifier AND it is also public which means it is available for people who support our movement to publicly show their support.

‼️ This includes our men.

When we see a man display his support for FIN, we should say a kind word to thank him for his support; the exact same way we would treat a woman who may not be a current FINster but chooses to show her love and support for our community anyway.

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His support may mean he is also learning from the FINsters in his life… and he embraces the love and growth he is getting from adopting our values of compassion and self expression. Those values are not restricted to gender; they are universal.

That a person shows they appreciate what we stand for is a good thing.

Our theme for the next five years is VISIBILITY and SUSTENANCE.

Visibility means sharing the values of our EXCLUSIVE community everywhere we go and to everyone we meet regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation and creed. It takes a moment to adjust to that but in coming weeks and months we will continue to spread the value of our amazing community far beyond our forever women-only group.

Today our founder, Lola Omolola’s husband also displayed our frame to show his support.

When your brother, uncle, father, husband supports you – the FINster he loves – Let him display it to the world.

He is unable to join us on our community, but he is certainly welcome to LOVE, respect and fight for us.

A Finster is a Brave and Inteligent Woman Who Encourage Other’s To Speak

Uduak Utip Ekong:

“What every sister needs is love not judgement.
Let’s gradually change the narrative. Replace being judgemental with showing love and empathy.
Sisterhood rocks “
©️Uduak Utip Ekong

I see YOU Sis.


More Updates Coming Soon

Ah Finster ti gba ijoba!
We no go gree o…
Watch out for #Minster 😂

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Otunba Salami Amicable Okayinka:

The word #FINSTER
Is it true that FINSTER is ‘ Egbe ki ni oko ose” or a group that women will be reporting there husband????#ineedmoreenlightment


It’s for brave and inteligent woman that encourage other’s to speak, fight for any abused that may come their ways,not to fight against men.

Nope, its not true, am a finister and am proud to be one

The group is about encouraging one another, give support , a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on for the abused, depressed, belittled, widows etc. The group helps us alot and they have never for once asked or advise women to be violent or insultive to their husbands.Thank you

Under the Canopy of #Finster, there is going to be a massive destruction in many homes, just watch out👁️👂

#Finster Our Females are doing Secret Cult On Facebook.

Is like my dictionary never complete school. Meaning of #FINster please🙆🙏🙏🙏
Exam hall ni mo wà.
Eèní sófó edákun🙆🙆🙆🙆

#FINster noni 😂😂😂. When e go happen, we de hear de observe. No be Naija women again? 😂😂😂

I hope these people are not planning something funny 🤔

Pls Guys, Finster is mainly for female not for male cus ah no wan see Finster for your profile picture mbok 🙏


#Finster jawoni
Everyone on Facebook profile picture na finster.. As from tomorrow I will start unfriending those with finster….

I hope these people are not planning something funny 🤔

Pls Guys, Finster is mainly for female not for male cus ah no wan see Finster for your profile picture mbok 🙏


This one that my female friends on FB are doing #Finster upandan báyìí 🙄

Are we safe?

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Lola Omolola, Global Community Consultant, Founder Female IN (FIN).

Omolola is a Global Community Consultant and a lady of great integrity with good reputation. She is the founder of the famous group on Facebook Female IN (FIN) which recently spread around the globe as a secret group with the aim of influencing our Nigerian ladies negatively.


The group is actively recognized by Facebook as they mark their anniversary last week with a Badge designed by Facebook.

Before reading the message from the founder, you have to know this:

  • What is Finster?
  • Who is a Finster?
  • Why Finster?

Dear sisters and friends, here is my short answer to a question 500 people ask me every week when they see how Female IN (FIN) works and I took some time to write this out. Hope it helps.

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Founder Female IN (FIN)

Let me begin by saying something you may disagree with.

I don’t believe we need less groups.

What we really need is more of the meaningful, positive groups driven by a specific mission guaranteed to bring people together and make life a little easier/better for its members.

So, if you lead an existing group OR you are passionate about your brand or a cause and want to connect people around an issue that’s important to you, I hope you pay attention to this because these are the specifics of how I created one of the most influential communities on Facebook, Click here to continue reading

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