The First 1966 Coup: Do You Also Share The View That The Coup Was an Igbo Coup?

The First 1966 Coup

The first 1966 coup: Though painful, I’m happy I witnessed the killing of my parents.- Ademulegun-Agbi Saturday, January 15, 1966 is arguably one of the days to remember in the history of Nigeria. It was the first military coup, and it took place barely six years after Nigeria gained independence from Britain. Some senior military … Read more

Oyo EMPIRE: The Rise and Fall of The Old Oyo Empire

THE RISE AND FALL OF THE OLD OYO EMPIRE The Old Oyo Empire was a notable Yoruba empire composed of what is today known as Benin and Western Nigeria. This rose through the outstanding organisational and administrative skills of the Yoruba people. Wealth was gained from trade and its powerful cavalry. The Too empire was … Read more

What You Need To Know About Ibadan The Political Capital of Yorubaland, The City Built on Seven Hills

IBADAN The City Of Opportunities and Shine, the Political Capital of Yorubaland and a city built on Seven Hills. Before we go into details, here are the the Seven Hills: 1. Oke Padre 2. Oke Ado 3. Oke Bo̩la 4. Oke Mapo 5. Oke Are̩ 6. Oke Sapati 7. Oke Mo̩ko̩la. Also Read: History of Efunsetan … Read more

Here Are The Facts You Need To Know About IJEBU IGBO

Ijebu Igbo (Yoruba: Ìjẹ̀bú-Igbó) is a town in Ogun State, Nigeria. It is approximately a 15-minute drive north of Ijebu Ode. Ijebu Igbo is the headquarters of Ijebu North Local Government Authority, of Ogun state, Nigeria. Ijebu Igbo is divided into 5 clans: Oke-Sopen, Oke-Agbo, Ojowo, Atikori, and Japara. An Oba (King) is enthroned to … Read more

Are You a Lagosian, Do You Want To Know Who Owns Lagos? Read This

HISTORY 101: POINT OF INFORMATION ON WHO OWNS LAGOS? Do you really believe in the sayings “Lagos is No Man’s Land“? We have compiled the full details we are able to gather to enlighten the Lagos residents, property owners, landlords and business personels of the real owner of Lagos. “By 1872 Lagos was a cosmopolitan … Read more

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