Harry Kane: We are Tired of Being Political in Football LGBTQ+ Fans React

Harry Kane armband

In the two days of the tournament so far, Fifa has shown itself to be utterly uninterested in LGBTQ+ inclusion. In Monday’s match against Iran, England’s Harry Kane wore an armband reading “no discrimination”, in black and white – which despite its stated message, meant more cold-shoulder treatment for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people … Read more

86 Football: Everything You Need To Know About 86 Football Company

What is 86 Football and When Was The Company Established 86 Football is a sports investment company headquartered in Manchester, UK. Co-founded by City Football Group CFG Co., Ltd. in May 2015, it has a very strong background. Our IFC Global International team undertakes the national general agent of 86FB Football in Nigeria because we … Read more

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