Suspected Gunman Killed Himself After Killing Several People in California

California police

A mysterious gunman named Huu Can Tran, with the age of 72years was found dead in a white van in the drivers sit after killing himself when he has killed over 5 people at the dance club in California. The suspected gunman wanted for killing several people and wounding a lot of people at a … Read more

U.S Debt: What is The Debt Ceiling and Why Does it Matter

U.S debt ceiling

What is This U.S Debt Ceiling? The debt ceiling is the amount of money the U.S. Treasury is authorized to borrow to pay its bills. United States of America hit the debt ceiling few days ago, which forced the Treasury Department to begin taking extraordinary measures to continue paying the government’s bills.  Janet Yellen who … Read more

Blogging in Nigeria: This is Why Blogging in Nigeria Don’t Last

Blogging in Nigeria

I have Notice this for a very long time that nobody is ready to blog again but few due to laziness and hunger for quick money. Blogging in Nigeria is not encouraging. When you see a young guy with the aim of becoming a blogger, go and check him after 6 months to a year, … Read more

Survival of The Richest: 5% Tax on Multimillionaires Could Lift Over 2 Billion People Out of Poverty

Survival of the richest

We hear a lot about the world’s wealthiest 1%, but just how big is the inequality gap and how can it be bridged? In a new report, British charity Oxfam attempted to answer that question in an update to their annual inequality report, titled “Survival of the richest.” Published on the eve of the World … Read more

What Bryan Kohberger’s Life Will Be Like Behind Bars

Bryan Kohberger

Prison expert Larry Levine outlined what the life of Bryan Kohberger, the University of Idaho murders suspect, might look like behind bars.  Ashleigh Banfield asked Levine, the founder of Wall Street Prison Consultants, what would happen to Kohberger if he ends up in the state penitentiary and what would his jail circumstances look like. “Well, … Read more

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