I Chose The Work of God as a Means of Survival, I was Not Called by God

I built my Church as a Means of Survival

Pastor confessed his Church was established as a Means of Survival after shutting down his church over winning N100m from sports b£t. An Ugandan pastor by the name David Ochieng, who shut down his church after winning over 100 million from one of the sports b£tting companies. Claimed the Church was a Means of Survival. However, … Read more

Youngest Mother in Britain Gives Birth at Age of 12

Youngest mother

The little girl gives birth at the age of 12 then the doctors discover something shocking different females bodies handle pregnancy differently so yeah it’s possible that a 12 year old girl can give birth with or without minor or severe complications given that she’s started menstruating however she should mother but is not easy … Read more

Latest Ingredients For Making The Butt And Hips Enlargement Syrup

INGREDIENTS FOR MAKING THE BUTT AND HIPS ENLARGEMENT SYRUP. 300g of Soyabean 100g of Dong Quai 200g of Fenugreek 200g of Maca powder 100g of Red clover 100g Pueriria merifica 3 to 4 litres of Honey Apetamin (optional for people that want to add weight) Gring all the seeds into a fine powder, Add the … Read more

Passionate Marriages

Kurtley Beale's wife Maddy

What is passionate marriage? A romantic marital relationship is a union between a couple with strong thoughts of love and commitment. The goal of this kind of marriages may be a healthy, happy marriage. These marriages have got better benefits than other types of marriages. Romantic partnerships can take place among two heterosexual lovers, usually … Read more

See What You Can Do About Your Expenses to Reduce Stress on Saving For Retirement

The average cost of living this days is high but not to everybody. For some are more than others, yet a couple of changes in spending can ease the pressure of adjusting monetary commitments and putting something aside for retirement. Retirement tip of the week: Analyze your spending, and inquire as to whether there are … Read more

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