Nigerian Navy Vows To Punish The Cute Abiola For Violating Social Media Rules

Instagram comedian Cute Abiola

Nigerian Navy has once again explained the reason naval personnel and online comedian, Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin, better known as Cute Abiola is being detained.  The comedian was missing when his fellow entertainer, Mr Macaroni raised an alarm which the Nigerian Navy eventually debunked as being false alarm stating that he was in their custody. The … Read more

One of The Nigerian Favorite Instagram Comedian “The Cute Abiola” Declared Missing

Instagram comedian Cute Abiola

This was announced by a Nigerian Instagram comedian Mr Macaroni who shared the news on Twitter and also attached a Whatsapp message he received. From the message, it was alleged that the last time his (The Cute Abiola) wife and associates heard from him was on November 15. While it was stated that no one … Read more

Comedy Review: Willykoko & His Father Mc EFCC

You are welcome to this segment of one of the Nigeria favourite comedian Mc Willykoko and Mc EFCC. Abeeb Oluwaseyi Jimoh is a Nigerian comedian popularly known as Mc EFCC. And his son in the act Adebajo Williams known as Mc Willykoko. These comedian have electrified social media and gone viral around the world through … Read more

7 Things That Ranked Ijebu Language as #1 In Africa- Mc Teteregun

Ijebu language is regarded as one of the best language in Africa. Also Read: Comedy Review: Willykoko & His Father Mc EFCC According to this notable comedian in Nigeria Adetunji Tijani who is popularly known as Mcee Teteregun Ijebu language is the best language in Africa. Also Read: Lagos To Unveil Epe, Badagry and Igando Theartres With … Read more

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