Everything Points at Shallow Recession- Bank of America

Bank of America in shallow recession

Bank of America Corp BAC CEO Brian Moynihan stated during the earnings call that everything points towards a relatively mild recession given the amount of stimulus that was paid to people and the money they have leftover. Bank of America: “Our research team continues to predict a shallow recession that will occur beginning in the … Read more

This is Why You Should Trust Afriq Arbitrage System AAS

Afriq Arbitrage

I was communicating with one of my referrals who started Afriq Arbitrage System AAS with $20 about 3 weeks ago His mindset on Afriq Arbitrage System AAS was amazing! So I gave him an illustration Imagine you’re on a big ship on a voyage. Inside the ship is a restaurant with tables set. On those … Read more

Report of The AAS AMA Meeting With The CEO JESAM MICHAEL

AAS Registration Update

OFFICIAL AAS AMA HIGHLIGHTS (14TH APRIL 2023) 1. OPENING REMARKS AAS right from its inception was greeted with a lot of negative predictions of imminent crash from naysayers, but contrary to their predictions, we have marked over 3 months of successful operations. AAS is not interested in the malicious attacks induced by envy or targeted … Read more

I Want To Start up a Business But I Don’t Have Money. What Do I Do?

Business plan

I want to start a business but I don’t have money. What do I do? No money is a disaster! Let me help you BEFORE you suffer more! My best advice is for you to QUIT! What? Yes! Just quit! Honestly it’s too difficult to think of a business without capital. It’s complicated! No money… no business! … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Arbitrage Global Trading AGT


Q. What is AGT? Ans. AGT in full means “Arbitrage Global Trading” . Q. What does AGT do? Ans. AGT is a platform that arbitrage in crypto currencies by buying coins lower from one exchange and selling it higher (for profit) on another exchange. Q. How old is AGT? Ans . Launched on the 17th … Read more

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