Cala AI: How Cala AI Robots Built to Make Money Online

Generally, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way we live by replacing a lot of manual and labor-intensive jobs. All over the world, major countries have formulated their own AI development strategies and regard AI technology as a key accelerator for the economy. Now we are looking at the Cala AI Robots.


CALA believes that applications built with AI technology will make the world a better place and make life safer, more convenient and happier. Just like smart driving, smart medical care, and smart home, many things will be done by smart robots in the future.

As the total value of the cryptocurrency market continues to increase, so does the demand for cryptocurrency transactions. Where there is demand, there is a market, the activity and trading volume of different exchanges are different.

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Different trading volumes lead to differences in cryptocurrency trading prices on each platform. As long as there is a deal, there will be a spread.

Based on fixed algorithms and theoretically optimal logic methods, CALA AI robots conduct real-time transactions on major global exchanges through the method of “buying at low prices and selling at high prices” according to the price differences of mainstream currencies in major central exchanges.

Data is analyzed, judged and integrated. Automatically trade according to the theoretical best trading principles, and earn the difference, so as to achieve the purpose of making profits for users.

The CALA AI robot is provided with massive data by the supercomputing center. It monitors the trading prices of different cryptocurrencies on various trading platforms, automatically analyzes and automatically calculates, and then makes judgments, quickly places orders and trades, buys at low prices, sells at high prices, and earns the difference.

AI robots do not rest 24 hours a day, do not miss any opportunities, are not affected by emotions, and can trade hundreds of times a day.
After more than two years of experiments and continuous improvement, CALA AI Robot has become very perfect and can maintain stable income.

How Cala AI Robots Trade:

  1. CALA’s AI robot analyzes technical indicators in the cryptocurrency market through data input programs, and trades through technical indicators to analyze the rise or fall of cryptocurrencies.

  2. CALA’s AI robot will trade for you through the entire cryptocurrency market’s capital movements and capital divisions.

  3. CALA’s AI robots can make low buy and high sell trades for you through quantitative trading, capturing the price difference between different cryptocurrency exchanges in a short period of time.

4.CALA’s AI robot can accurately capture market information and collect data for analysis based on intelligent algorithms to make the best cryptocurrency trades for you.

Do I Need to Trade by Myself on Cala?

For CALA users, you do not need to be involved in trading cryptocurrencies yourself, just buy the bot and provide the bot with the corresponding start-up capital. The robot will use the startup capital as the principal to automatically participate in the transaction and earn stable income for you.

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Cala and Investors (Users)

  1. The relationship between users and CALA is a partnership, where users buy CALA’s products and AI bots trade in the cryptocurrency market to earn income, not to earn CALA’s money.

  2. CALA earns revenue from the user’s purchase of the AI bot, and when the AI bot helps the user trade, the cryptocurrency exchange will charge the user a portion of the fee, and CALA will receive a percentage of the fee charged by the cryptocurrency exchange.

  3. The AI bot will make a transaction for you about once every 5 minutes, about 150 transactions per day, and each transaction will generate a fee at the cryptocurrency exchange, so it’s a similarly large number

4.You must clearly understand that CALA is only a bridge between you and the cryptocurrency exchange, through CALA’s AI robot allows you to trade better with the cryptocurrency exchange and the cryptocurrency market, CALA provides technical support, CALA belongs to the technology company, we believe that the progress of technology will change the whole human progress.

Cala Trading Robots

CALA currently provides five types of trading robots, each with different prices, different start-up capital, and different profitability.

Robot investment amount = selling price + start-up capital

  1. Robot No. 1=$2+$30=$32
  2. Robot No. 2=$5+$100=$105
  3. Robot No. 3=$25+$500=$525
  4. Robot No. 4=$100+$2000=$2100
  5. Robot No. 5=$500+$10000=$10500

5 types of trading robot in Cala

  • Robot No. 1 earns $0.45 per day
  • Robot No. 2 earns $1.5 per day
  • Robot No. 3 earns $8 per day
  • Robot No. 4 earns $33 per day
  • Robot No. 5 earns $170 per day

The validity period of each robot in the activated state is 30 days, after which it is necessary to repurchase a new robot.

Start-up capital are only used to activate the robot and will not be consumed;
Start-up capital will be returned to your account balance when the robot expires.

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Why Cala AI Robots?

CALA Robot is equivalent to you hiring a cryptocurrency trader.

To hire a trader you need to provide the trader with the appropriate salary every month, and this salary is the price of the robot.

At the same time you need to give the trader a sum of money to go to the crypto market and trade, this money is the robot’s start-up capital.

In one CALA account, you can buy multiple bots, activate them, and have them make money for you at the same time.

The startup funds will not be consumed, but the same startup funds cannot be used by multiple robots at the same time.

Example: To activate 1 robot 3, you need to ensure that the available balance of the CALA account has 500USDT, and to activate 2 robots 3, you need to ensure that the balance of the CALA account has 1000USDT

What video on how to activate Cala AI Robots

How is Cala Making Profit?

For CALA itself, CALA has its own revenue stream, including but not limited to: Rental and transfer of the AI patented technology; Investing in robots with own funds to earn stable profits in the market;

  • Revenue from robot sales to CALA users;
  • Government special research funding subsidy;
  • Floating exchange rate differences, etc.

At present, the company’s revenue and the number of users are in a good positive growth state. For a well-operated enterprise, its continuity and continuity can be guaranteed.

Arrival of Cala in Nigeria

Since CALA entered Nigeria, it has been in stable operation for nearly a year. Every user who invests in CALA has achieved the expected income, and more and more users are beginning to gradually realize the dream of financial freedom in CALA.

Since entering Nigeria, CALA strictly abides by the laws and regulations of the local government, and has successively obtained the certification of CAC and EFCC, and regularly cooperates with EFCC’s review every month to ensure the safety of each user’s funds.

Regarding the CEO’s statement at the senior agent banquet at the Lagos headquarters on September 10, CALA will cooperate with commercial insurance companies.

Leadway insurance also known as Leadway, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, is one of the largest insurance companies in Nigeria.

In addition to MSB and EFCC supervision, CALA has also reached cooperation through Leadway insurance company to ensure the safety of each user’s account funds and the safety of CALA’s liquidity pool.

It is expected that Leadway Insurance will hand over the insurance policy documents to the headquarters in Lagos this month. We will also update the source documents on the CALA official website and send them to the discussion group in the near future.

Regarding the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) Supervisory License, the approval will also be completed this month. All members can also go directly to the Lagos headquarters for verification.

Cala registration certificate

CAC certificate of CALA, which can be inquired through the official website of CAC. The registration number is: 3597858

Verification link:

EFCC certificate of CALA. The main function of EFCC is to investigate various types of economic and financial crimes. It is a financial intelligence agency designated by Nigeria and is responsible for the enforcement of laws related to anti-money laundering and economic and financial crimes in Nigeria.

If CALA is not a legitimate business, and it is impossible to pass its audit and certification, your money is protected by EFCC in CALA, so you can rest assured.

Cala certificate of registration

We will continue to work hard to build CALA into a well-known brand with great potential and commercial value.

We also welcome people from all walks of life to visit CALA’s office center in Lagos for on-the-spot inspection and review of relevant legal documents.

Cala head office in Ikeja

CALA Nigeria Lagos Headquarters Address:

8th Floor, Building 3

Visit time:
Monday to Friday, 9:00am-4:00pm

Cala business Registration confirmed

Upgrade the VIP level to get a robot worth 100USDT-2000USDT for free

①When the recharge fund reaches $1,000, the user can upgrade to VIP3 and receive an additional AI robot reward worth $100

②When the recharge fund reaches $2,500, users can upgrade to VIP4 and receive an additional AI robot reward worth $300

③ When the recharge fund reaches $5,000, users can upgrade to VIP5 and receive an additional AI robot reward worth $500

④When the deposit reaches $15,000, users can upgrade to VIP6 and receive an additional AI robot reward worth $2,000

①According to the recharged funds, there is only one chance to upgrade the VIP level. Please plan ahead for the VIP level you need to upgrade to. Each person can only participate in the upgrade VIP reward event once, and cannot participate repeatedly

②If it meets the requirements, you need to contact Mr. Charles or Assistant Anne for review. Mr. Charles or Assistant Anne will increase your VIP rank and issue you a bonus bot.


Cala AI Robots

Just pay attention here, make sure you have the minimum of 32$ in your Binance, busher or Trust wallet to get started.

Register to have an account, activate the free robot to have an experience then look for money to buy robot 1 or more


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