Cala: Agent Reward Testimony From Cala Technology to Mr Clement Uduakabong


Date: Sunday, 18th September 2022

Time: 10:22PM

Through my good efforts and diligent, I was able to share CALA in all my social media handles to reach out to others which make CALA go viral in my own global capacity and I got the agent reward to crown my effort.

To the glory of God, I was able to invites 138 person as on 18/9/2022 which have successfully signed up in CALA via my invitation link, that was not all, I sing CALA, preach cala and keep making CALA known to them with the screenshots of my evidence which stand as a proof.

However, As at 18/9/2022, I was able to have 60 subordinates who opt-in as an active investors and recharge with higher number of Robots which today they are running many robots in their account and enjoying compound interest.

In the evening of Sunday 18/9/22 at 8:45pm, Mr. Charles 001 contacted again and informed me that I have reach my reward peak of 60 active subordinates so far. And that I should forward my details for review and reward accordingly, which I did as directed respectively.

At 10:22PM, I Mr. Clement received a reward of N120,000 and a free Robot No.5 worth of $500 (N385,875 using current dollar rate of N735 in cala recharge dialogue box) from CALA Technology Financial Department USA, It was like a dream and I believe this is a finger of God and God’s steadfastness and Hard work in me.

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I want to use the medium to appreciate the Founder/CEO of CALA TECHNOLOGY, Mr. Denis Wallez, for bringing this wonderful 21st century innovation, Boss Mr. Charles, for his teaching technique on me, Boss Mr. Annie for the follow up on me to perfection and the entire crew of CALA Technology USA and Nigeria.

I want to further appreciate all the cala investors, new users, my subordinates for your cooperation and togetherness. May God blessings and protection continue in us.

My advice to those who are yet to develop their team is that CALA is sweet because it is a platform that pays her investors base on your investment not on referrals pay say. However, the juicy part of CALA is when you creat your team by using your invitation link to invite new users and train them to be like you, the reward is not far from what the BIBLE says when you let people know about Jesus and win a soul, heaven will rejoice and the soul winner must receive his or her reward accordingly.

Stop personalizing CALA, please generalize and socialize CALA for there are souls out there that are in financial bondage, if we keep making CALA known the to all, the world will be a better place because it is not good for one person to be rich. Develop your team so that we suppress poverty to minium. By so doing you have your reward.

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This is My Third Agent Reward From CALA TECHNOLOGY

  1. 1st was N12,000 with free robot 4 ($100 = N73,000)
  2. 2nd was N50,000 with free robot 4 ($100 = N73,000)
  3. This is my 3rd Reward N120,000 with free robot 5 ($500 = N385,875)

There are others who are ahead of me. It get sweeter when you work hard.

There are people called top20 in CALA Technology. This people are receiving millions of Naira as reward.

Invitation Agent Reward System:

Invite 3 new users to buy robots, you can contact the broker to upgrade VIP2 (30% discount for permanent purchase of robots on the VIP2 home page).

Invite 6 new users to buy a bot and get 1 free bot..

10: Reward ₦12,000+1Robot No.4

20: Reward 2 Robot No.4

30: Reward ₦50,000+3Robot No.4

60: Reward ₦120,000+1Robot No.5

100: Reward ₦300,000+2Robot No.5…………
(Contact your tutor Mr. Charles or Assistant Annie anytime to claim your reward after completion)

God bless everyone, as I will be happy seeing you at the top.

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