Bring Him Back or Leave Our Club -Arsenal Fans React After Loss To Wolve

Wolves are now sixth on the premier league table after beating Arsenal 2-1 at home, that’s Arsenal’s third defeat at emirates stadium in a row. The Gunners sit 14th in the table after five losses in 10 league games.

Arsenal fans are not happy with the defeat as many want Mesut Ozil back to the team due to the lack of creativity from the midfielders. Nobody at Arsenal can boldly say Ozil didn’t make a 25-man squad because for footballing reasons.

They need to come clean and stop looking silly. Because every time Arsenal lose and evidently lack creativity in the final third, the Ozil question will pop up.

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It’s sad that the Arsenal social media accounts don’t even post training photos of Özil anymore. Not only is he not playing, they’re basically acting like he doesn’t even exist. Regardless of what you think of his ability, a player in his 8th season at the club deserves better.

Arsenal not letting Ozil play has nothing to do with his attitude or footballing ability. It’s highly likely that it’s because of his comments about the treatment of Uyghur Muslim by the Chinese.

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I actually liked Arteta till his spineless acquiescence & shameless dishonesty over the Ozil issue. He deserves what he is befalling him. For an ex-player to go along to treat the club’s longest serving player so despicably to please his bosses is a shame. He deserves more woe.

Arteta lied through his teeth when he said Ozil was left out for football reasons. Maybe he was trying to be professional covering for the board/club but I can’t imagine Ozil being any worse than these midfielders. Current mood because my own side of arsenal play on Thursdays.

Below are reactions:

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