Breaking: The Sudden Death of His Royal Majesty The Alaketu of Ketu Epe

We here by announce the demise of His Royal Majesty the Alaketu of Ketu Kingdom Oba Alayeluwa Adegboyega Adefowora  who passed away early today 7th of Sept. 2021.

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According to Epe News Newspaper;

RIP to The Alaketu of Ketu, Ikosi/Ejirin LCDA, HRM Oba Adefowora Adegboyega is dead. His death occurred today, Tuesday, 7th September, 2021 after a brief illness.

The Alaketu of Ketu was installed to the throne in 2005. In line with the traditions, some rites have since commenced as some major roads leading to Ketu have been blocked.

He would be remembered for his gentleness and love for his people. It was indeed a rude shock.

May his soul rest in peace.

The History of AlaKetu of Ketu kingdom

Ketu was the westernmost of the seven historical Yoruba kingdoms. Yoruba tradition says that these kingdoms were formed by the descendents of Oduduwa when they moved west from Ilé-Ife. Oduduwa is credited with creating the Earth, at the command of the supreme deity Olorun.

Sopasan is credited as the first oba (king) in the line of Ketu, even though the city did not exist during his lifetime. Instead, it was he who led forth the people from Ilé-Ife who would eventually inhabit Ketu. Only the seventh king, Ede, would finally found the city.

The town was settled on a plateau with so few sources of water that a saying developed among the Yoruba: “Water becomes honey in Ketu”.

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To compensate, inhabitants gathered rainwater in cisterns and dry wells. This lack of water limited the size of the settlement. However, the plateau provided excellent protection–Ketu was conquered only once in all its long history.

The town was built around a sacred Iroko tree. According to custom, a human sacrifice was required to protect the town.

A hunchback from a nearby Ewe community was sacrificed at the entrance to the city, which is said have provided the town’s name. The question “Who straightens the hump?” is “Ke ‘tu ike?” in Yoruba.

The answer: no one can straighten the hump, so no one can destroy the town. The fourteenth oba, Sa, built a massive gate at the same spot.

The gate, crafted from Iroko wood, contained two wooden doors, one outside and one inside. It was given the name Idena for “sentry”.


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From the gate stretched an immense clay wall which surrounded the city. Outside the wall lay the ditches from which its clay had been dug, providing further protection. As a final defense, a row of thorn bushes was planted outside the ditch.

The Oba of Ketu takes the title Alaketu: “the one who owns Ketu”…

From the twenty-fifth Alaketu on, the position of oba has rotated between five different royal families: Alapini, Magbo, Aro, Mesa, and Mefu. I will discuss the Oba in greater depth in another post.

To the west, Ketu shared a border with Fon-speaking peoples who would eventually found the kingdom of Dahomey and become their greatest rivals.

After many wars and much history, Ketu and their Fon neighbors both fell under French domination and were eventually united in the modern-day nation of Benin, while most other Yoruba kingdoms fell under British control and eventually became part of Nigeria.

Ketu still exists today, under the French-modified name of Ketou. It is a city with a long and rich history, tracing its kings and traditions back over six-hundred years. Many travelers visit Ketou and speak with the Alaketu himself to learn much of this magnificent history.

List of oba of AlaKetu of ketu..

1795 to 1816 Oba Ajibolu,

1816 to 1853 Oba Adebiya

1853 to December 1858 Oba Adegbede

December 1858 to 1867 Oba Adiro,

1867 to 1883 Oba Osun Ojeku,

1883 to 1886 Agidigbo Hungbo,

1886 Conquest by Danhom

1893 to 1894 Ida,

Regent 13 February 1894 to 1918 Oyengen,

1918 to 1936 oba Ademufekun Dudu,

1937 to 1963 oba Alamu Adewori Adegibite,

1964 to 2004 Oba Pascal Adeoti Adetutu

Who is Alaketu of Ketu?

Where is Alaketu of Ketu?

Etc…to be continued. May the soul of HRM rest in peace.

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