Blogging in Nigeria: This is Why Blogging in Nigeria Don’t Last

I have Notice this for a very long time that nobody is ready to blog again but few due to laziness and hunger for quick money. Blogging in Nigeria is not encouraging. When you see a young guy with the aim of becoming a blogger, go and check him after 6 months to a year, the site will be abandoned.

This is why most blogging sites are not active again till today. Most of them are created by fresh graduates who want quick money.

They create content in a hurry and sign up for AdSense. After about one year, they realize that blogging is not bringing money as they expect they disappear from the scene. All of a sudden, you realize that a blog which used to be popular is no longer active.

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Searching for information online, you’ll notice that no any new site contains enough information to satisfy your research needs.

What new bloggers should know is that blogging is not a gold mine, it takes a long time to yield. Blogging also needs discipline. You can’t be a successful blogger when half of your day is for flexing and sleeping.

If you investigate well, you’ll realize that more than 90% of bloggers don’t take alcohol. Blogging thrives for introverts. As a blogger, you have to remain indoors and spend most of your time interacting with your laptop. Make research, write your keywords down, get a leading contents and don’t rush when you are writing.

Bloggers who thrive in this industry are those who join because of passion. This special website was registered in April 2020 after my engagement with Opera News Hub, I was paid for over 5 months before I had a thought that I could build my own website and start writing on it instead of writing for Opera News who latter reduced our engagement and shotpay me.

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Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to wake up early everyday and create content for your readers. Sadly, most youths in Nigeria don’t want to struggle, all they want is money, quick money.

Now, if you believe you have passion for blogging, look for some money and start a blog. Start by creating your own website on WordPress, buy a domain and web hosting plan from Namecheap, click here to visit namecheap site

With constant posting of content on your blog, you will certainly become a successful blogger.

There are many ways to speed up your blog in case it’s slow to load. A fast loading blog ranks better on Google, it has high click through rate. Visitors prefer blogs which load faster as opposed to slow loading websites.

As a blogger, your first assignment is to ensure your blog loads fast in order to compete with other authority blogs.

You may not know how important speed is until you witness your visitors shifting to your competitor sites. But speed is very important in regard to the growth and success of a blog. Below are 5 important ways to speed a blog:

Choose a reliable web hosting company

There are web hosting companies with slow servers. Normally, if you find a hosting company is cheap, one reason is that their servers are slow. Ensure you do thorough research before selecting the one you’ll be hosting with. Let me give you Namecheap as one of the best web hosting companies for your blog.

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Select light images for your site

Images can slow down your website. Use few images for each of your posts. They should also be light. Ensure that none of them is heavier than 500kb.You can use Snipping tool and convert images to JPEG to make them light.

Use a light WordPress theme

The type of theme you use will also determine whether your site will load faster or not. There are a number of WordPress themes which load fast.

Few banner adverts on the website

Adverts will always slow the loading speed of a site. If you are using AdSense, ensure that the banners are not more than 4.

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Sites without banners load faster than those with many banners.

You should also use small sized banners. The best ones are 728 by 90 and 360 by 250.

Reduce redirects

If possible, avoid redirects. There are several websites which place banners with redirects, you should avoid such banners. You can use Adsterra They are very good in ads.

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