BBNaija: With Tears Every Guy I fall in Love With Always Takes My Advantage and Act Like They Don’t Care – Liquorose

Big brother Naija top 5 winner Liquorose breaks down in tears, every guy I fall in love with takes my pride away and act like they don’t care.

Nigerians react after this statement by Liquorose:

When we said the love was not real some people almost ate us raw, sorry dear thank God u came this far, and u brought Emma this far, because your vote kept him in the house, be strong my dancer. Just know that you are loved.

Chaii, sorry my baby, I knew this will happen but I wish u d best, u will surely find a man that will love genuinely without doubts, Emmanuel I hail oo, job well done, as for Angel I wish her whatever she wishes rose, my happiness is that this show has come to an end, I will miss u on my screen!!!
Liquorose you’re a good person and you deserve a better person,I and my family adore you just the way you are,stay strong darling… Much love.

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Dont worry my darling girl just cheer up and get near to God forget about men and God will give your your heart desires.i fear men indeed because emmanuel said in one his words to you that he doesn’t know how to play with peoples emotions because mental health is real.
But I know God has something and somenoe good for you.your case yesterday reminds me of when my husband married another woman,it was to me that time like the world has ended.but I got near to God and he took control absolutely. Cheer up,take charge of your emotions.may God comfort you.
Dear People warned you from the beginning but they got dragged by your fans they thought pple they where jealous…my heart my always on edge I knew this day will come and you would be broken.
Don’t worry when you get a breath of the new air outside you will know it’s because everyone was couped up you needed a good person to rely on. He has treated you well not well enough. Keep cool and enjoy the rest of today pple who love you are outside waiting for you Rose. I like you a lot though my vote went somewhere else. All the best #LiqourRose
as in eh they jump into conclusion easily about love as if they see through the heart even the Bible said the heart of man is desperately wicked and rose should have waited for Emma to ask her out at least is not good to throw urself on a man.

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some people don’t know wat love is small tin them Don conclude that’s why men use them anyhow me I don’t love easily oo I most see the love in u before I reciprocate u see men don’t trust them like that oo until I see the love I don’t believe in what a man tells me I believe in action oo mke women get sense on this love matter don’t beg for love.
Cary yourself get pride even if u love the man try and do yanga small rose too carry herself give Emma she should have waited for the guy to ask her out maybe it would have been another man that would have loved her the way she wanted but she just carry herself give Emma.
Exactly me too i saw it from the beginning but seeing the way emmarose fans attack people and tag them jealous i just kept my cool… I will still laugh at my friend’s who defended this ship.
My dear stop shining ur heart without brain….as u are shining heart, shine brain too….. sorry na ur fanz cos am….dem for vote am out wen him bin dey eviction…e for no reach like dis… U no shine brain ur fanz too no shine dia own.
Don’t cry baby girl.God has a better plan for you.God permitted what happened for u to things before you step out there.
Your qualities was even recognized by some of your male housemates and regretted you shipping with Emmanuel.Take it as God’s divine intervention to stop you from further destruction. Dont mind.

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No be only you wake cm…every good woman has in one time cried for love but the joy of it all is that they get consoled by a better love. You should know in big brother and in the world , the game is no permanent friend and no permanent enemy but a permanent interest. Pls go get ready for Sunday’s results.
She should av use her head nt her hrt.rose should av known that shes going to BB house for game nt to fine love.
Seriously Rose is a calm person, Emmanuel nobody said u shouldn’t mingle but u would have started from day 1,, but see SAGA,, People called Him Mumu, yet he stood by NINI, in the house,, So Emmanuel am not surprised,, but be Strong Gal.
She was not crying because of Emmanuel she was crying because of Michel and Maria left and remember his past love and get angree with Emmanuel and Emmanuel ask her if she love Michael she said just as a friend.

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Don’t worry Liquorose, everything will be normal pretty by his grace. You deserved better grace will follow u wherever you are going from today, on word. Nation will bow for u.
Excuse me ,so was she expecting Emmanuel to be single ? Lol all the guys there has their girlfriends, it’s all game , just like dating a corper , he will use u and later go back to his gf …sorry o.
All dis women abusing liquorose have u not experience heart break before?
Liquorose don’t worry God will give you your heart desires, some one that will treat u like queen.
baby they went there to play games not to fall in love that should have been at the back of her mind .I just blame her she should have just maintained the game till she’s out of biggies house.
how did she know what will be the out come of it, you can find love anywhere just depends on the person you meet,is not bad to give a try but u must know your limit.
In that Biggies house you can’t fall in love just like that people are there to play games baby u can hang in there and wait till you’ll outside to see one’s true characters.

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Wen Beatrice talk una wan eat am row, this girl is not smart at all, she should learn work from angel. She force things just to look smart and be in control.
 I know rose she is a very beautiful lady the only thing she have to start to dress like a lady not like a man friends family should start to advise her u know Emmanuel dat boy na celebrity.
Sorry Liquorise you reality deserve much better than Emmanuel. I hope angel will get all the hell from men outside cause she deserves to be treated bad when it comes to men.
This is true definition of a man that can cheat for Africa. Your woman is angry, drunk and now asleep and you are very awake cheating with your side chick. Thank God this show is ending today because this season is more than a game for me.
Even if the did. Both of them slept with each other. Stop all this defeated mentality. Most women see sex as the only thing the can offer in a relationship, immediately you have sex with them the feel defeated bcos the place there value on sex.
For most men sex is not a criteria to love or stay in a relationship. Sex is just pleasure to them. Build you self & stop focusing only on sex. A man that see through value & peace of mind in you will stay with you.
I will keep saying this. There really something wrong in that BBNaija house…. Bos I don’t know how someone would be having feelings in that ouse knowing fully it won’t lead to any thing…… My dear Liquorose it gonna be fine u have learnt ur lesson and I will not blame u for falling in love…
Ree Makena my dear I tire for that Angel o did u watch where she was telling Pere and Cross that she doesn’t need drive all she needs is body guides because of married woman make them no bit her…..and I was like is this babe ok… her plans is that when she comes out na to destroy married women home or what.
Be strong my lady, Emma don’t worthy your tears
For angel allow her to kpekus all the men in the house her mission is to sale her products and that’s what she is doing
I don’t blame her much since Emma can’t resist her as Whitemoney did.
Rose you fail to understand that everything that happen in a game house is game including love. For your mind you were in love. Anyway is not your fault na so e bin do me.

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But he didn’t do anything wrong yesterday Angel always throwing herself to Emmanuel he is a man and he still young.
Why are you crying beautiful, you are so beautiful talented do you know how many guys that are crashing for you and you are there crying over that good for nothing ingrate man let it go and move on with your life.
Wetin don happen? E better make the ship crash now, than make dem reach outside finish, Bobo go kon dey blank her follow another nyash.
My being emotional means that things get to me easily and that makes me feel emotional, but I’m not stupid, LiqouRose emotional is borne out of her stupid nature.
Dis babe was either drunk or seeking attention. Smirnoff no be her mate nah, so just for Emma to dance with angel he has taken her pride away from her. Wahala dey oooo. But I loved the way Emmanuel handled the situation though.
you be correct babe abeg, Rose is in the spirit of alcohol and when ever somebody is in spirit of alcohol they can talk every rubbish and who no know will think they are talking with normal clear eye not knowing they are under the spirit of drunk.
Is she there for a man or is she there for the money why she act like Saga now,she can’t trust a relationship on that house they are all there for a game worth 90mNaira so she can’t trust anything there.
70yrs old woman ooh. u think say u wise naw dem never live u. U come BBN come find love while Guilder Ultimate search day dia day waste.
weeeeeeeh that’s to harsh for your fellow woman nar. Sometimes you just try to picture yourself in her place and u will realize that at this point if you are not really strong u will do the same my dr.
it’s a game dear she has to be wise and smart.
U see babe as a lady it’s not all about being beautiful… U see something has to be attached to ur beauty something lyk smartness or intelligence.
Either way anyhw u people wants to believe it… Angel is just trying to open Rose eyes so she she can see the kind of guy Emmanuel is… U knw Angel is a very smart girl despite her character.
I just love you for being true to yourself, Angel wanted to tempt you with her seductive moves you refused and she gossiped about you calling you all sorts of names.
Oh men like Whitemoney are for real, you have so much self control which keeps saving you from the enemy of progress. Love you Whitemoney.

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she was drunk last night after the party,all ex housemates visited,so when party ended, Liquorose started shouting maraiaaaaaaaaa..
Michealllllll….she was so down and Angel, Emmanuel and whitemoney put hands together and carried her to the room,she later walk out from the room and continued shouting…
Later she went to the Head of House room and was crying saying that all those she falls in love with always take her pride away and act like they don’t care.. She mentioned that her brother told her not to fall in love like that but she dont listen.
She pulled Emmanuel hand off her body and told him that he is not different from those guys, that all guys are the same…that they always take away happiness from her..
Emma ask her is he has taken away her happiness before that told her to stop cuz he is strong,,, Liquorose tackled him and said that’s how they feel..who told them that she is strong while she is dieing emotionally inside..
My sister let me stop here oo …thier matter yesterday was too long hahahaha.. She later started thanking biggie for making her believe in her self and also thanked God alot for keeping her alive,healthy and making her be among the finalist…
Emmanuel later cuddled her and started cleaning her tears and makeup too.
You guys are here talking rubbish, what could she say that Emma did wrong against her that last night . or what did you guys saw Emma acted to their party night that is not nice. or can’t Emma freely dance with his follow house mates anymore because of woman?
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