BBnaija: WhiteMoney Guaranteed Queen That None of The Female Housemates Can Take Him Away From Her

BBNaija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Whitemoney, has guaranteed Queen that nobody in the house can take him away from her.

He said this in the early long periods of Saturday, day 63 of the show, as the pair laid together in the nursery, after the Jacuzzi Party.

Whitemoney exhorted Queen that however they’re not hitched, the last ought to be faithful to him, as no housemate is in contest with her over him.

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Obviously, Queen was getting intimate with some of the male housemates in Whitemoney’s presence during the Jacuzzi Party and the latter wasn’t happy about it.

When she did same last week, he had cautioned her, telling her that all her “extra kissing” was a “stupid act.”

Talking on the new event, he said, “I know we’re not dating and we’re not a couple. Yet, assuming you need to be with me as your friend, no issue.

“As you said you want to have such a relationship with me, my sister, you will be focused. As I am now, I cannot say I want to kiss Angel or grab her boobs. I wouldn’t do all that. Even now, if loyalty was a person, you’re supposed to be beside me.”

Queen said, “Oh, so you now know what loyalty is. You feel my pain now. I hope you feel the pain I felt a few weeks ago.”

Apparently, Queen was talking about Whitemoney’s involvement with Jackie B before the latter got evicted.

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During the period, Queen had revealed to Whitemoney that he should just focus on her and no other person.

Responding to the ongoing conversation, Whiteminey said, “I’m not feeling any pain. I’m normal. There’s no pain.”

He assured her that the past occurrence will not repeat itself saying, “Who is your competition now? Who wants to ‘collect’ me from you in this house? Nobody.”

Whitemoney further advised that if she wants to get intimate with other guys, she should do it behind his back.

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