BBNaija: Whitemoney Expressed His Feelings as Pere and Angel Back To The House

Biggie, I’m happy that Pere and Angel are back. I’m more excited to be in the Final lap of the show and Cross has his companion now.” – Whitemoney

White came to the house with a strategy of love, kindness, selflessness, hospitality and humility.
Angel came to the house with a strategy of sodomy, immorality and emotional blackmail. But somehow Whitemoney is the problem of the show according to this Angel of Sugar daddies.
Pere on the other hand came to the house with a strategy of detecting and immediately ousting whichever housemates whose strategy seems formidable but later had a little change of plans but then the boat had already sailed.
Meanwhile, the pretender Whitemoney just gave the realest Angel a deliciously prepared chicken and she collected and ate vigorously while General Pere the American military strategist watched in total amazement.

Viewers Reactions:

 Isn’t God wonderful??? Who God has blessed no man can curse and he who walks with God’s grace cannot be defeated no matter what. Please kindly vote #Whitemoney as it has clearly been seen he’s the realest housemates so far.
WM you are a winner.. I love your boldness in answering the questions from biggie.. That is a winners answer … You only compete with time, days & weeks to carry your 90m
WM gang wey una dey, White money to daddy to mazi to mega star… This guy is blessed not luck.

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If you know you don’t like whitemoney, Please do the following;
  1. Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself
  2. Put your two hands on your chest
  3. Say i am a wit©h 3 times
  4. Drink 25litres of anointing oil
Whitemoney just said who God don bless have been blessed, Exactly you are the one! The choosen child of grace. Our multi talented mazi will definitely bring the 90m home.
Even biggie knows the competition is between whitemoney and rose he just added the rest of the housemates so they can help finish the remaining food in the house.
Keep pressing their neck. You used cooking as strategy,some use relationship as strategy and others too used their dead ex as glad it worked for everyone.
I told you guys that real happiness is from the innermost heart not by eye service… Whitemoney said he was very happy on Pere and Angel’s return but was more happy thathe reached finals.

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LIQUOROSE said that her happiness towards Angel and Pere ‘s return is just 5% because she want to win..
Who are the fools that are calling whitemoney names of being unhappy and bitter on their return just because he didn’t jump up or start fake hugging?
Come and see that whitemoney is not Fake…
It’s not by jumping up and down, hugging and laughing yet, the heart says otherwise. Who’s your realest again???
Keep voting for whitemoney.
These Words: Grace, Toxic, Strategy, monopoly, Fake; must be the most used words in this bbnaija 2021 and all have connections to Whitemoney.
For Pere it’s general, Bully, Proud, True Friend, Kiss and Tell and Emblem.

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For Rose it’s Dancing, Task Winning and Emma Ship.
For Cross it’s Eating and Cruising.
For Emmanuel it’s Rose ship and Flirting.
For Angel it Gossipping, Jealousy, Mental Health and Body Exposure.
Everyone has what entertains them so make una just Choose Una content without hating.
Wait o did I just hear him say he is happy that Angel and Pere are back.
Say again oo ma brother… he thought he won already buh b4 he realized the money is too far from him.. keep dreaming Whitemoney.
I noticed he doesn’t show emotions that easily, even when Big Brother surprised them with stuff, he will still be doing his thing. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care.
Moreover this is just a game, the lesser the people the better the game. Make una no de crucify the guy abeg… he’s the real content of this show if the truth is told.
I know he is not happy that’s why I added 10,000 votes for him, for being fake and a gold digger I will also add more in fact I will vote with every.
Oga white, you are not happy that they are back… your body language speaks so clearly on that, even Angel who never had an issue with you understands the language very well.
It’s obvious you’re always pretending to be a nice person which you’re not. IUC I see.
I know they are already waiting for his diary session to drag him, even biggie is tired of Whitemoney.
Whitemoney is real & matured abeg, Biggie who Dey breath Whitemoneygeng pls no rest this week… let’s keep the votes coming.
Whitemoney’s dairy section got me shading tears uncontrollably. I never liked this guy but he won my heart today. The sky is your starting point #Whitemoney
Congratulations in advanCe.

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Such a humble soul deserves nothing but the best, I hope Biggie grants your request.
The Joy I have when I see this guy is unspeakable. You are an epitome of Wisdom and humility. He says the top six is already a win for him. I love you WM, I love you dearly.
No educational background but the streets are out for you.
Big brother white money was scripted to win this year the money can return to you guys. He already knows everything happening in here. So make una shun give am the money. We already know na.
He doesn’t form,he doesn’t pretend, he cough dem say na strategy, he cook them no let am hear word, he dey him dey dem say him no happy for person.
All I see is a humble guy who is striving to make his future brighter, who wants to put smiles on the faces of people who elevated him in life. Whitemoney for the mulla
Pls help us tell Our DADDY, “PETER EDOCHIE” to come And Welcome his Son “WHITEMONEY” on Sunday from Big Brother House. The guy Vibes is just like Daddy PETER EDOCHIE.
For being a fake housemate WhiteMoney take this 1500 votes, And 750 votes. I love your fakeness. Haters you can cry.
See as everybody dey fear whitemoney pass biggie wey dey make the decision… Chai see level..
Angel dey so concerned if he is happy or not with them…. Chai see level…

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They were evicted but yet couldnt help but discuss about whitemoney’s presence.. They stop thinking about biggie who sent them out.. but they were concerned about whitemoney as if say na him tell them to go…
My People… Greatness no need argument…
You just seat and see people hail your name…
When positive and negative wire meet, bulb go shine.
White money you’re too much, he was asked who will come second lets assume he is the first and he said 2nd is Pere, 3rd Liquorose, 4th Cross, 5th Emmanuel and 6th Angel and that is exactly how it will be, mazi you’re too much I love you.
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