BBnaija: See The Main Reason Why Kiddwaya Was Evicted Despite His Wealth and Riches

How did you feel when you heard the news of Kiddwaya and Prince being Evicted?

Report By Nehru Odeh

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Kiddwaya and Prince are the latest housemate to be evicted from BBNaija Lockown Season 5. However, his eviction did not come as a surprise to many of his fans.

This is because right from the first day he stepped into the house, his actions as well as body language showed he wasn’t in the house for the money.

His dad, Terry Waya, confirmed this in a series of interviews when he said his son wasn’t in the house for the money. He also said on another occasion that if his son went on to win the money he would share it between his former housemate who was evicted last week Sunday Erica and charity organizations.

His Relationship with Erica

The roller-coaster relationship between Kiddwaya and Erica, who was disqualified last week for breaking the law of the house, didn’t help matters either. While Erica wanted to be in a serious relationship, Kiddwaya wasn’t ready for it. The cat and mouse game went on until Erica, frustrated by her unrequited love, once broke down in tears.

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Kiddwaya came across someone lacking in emotional feelings, which he himself attested to. He also said he wasn’t ready to be in that relationship because Erica might get hurt in the end.

Many believe that it was the turbulent relationship that led to Erica’s outburst that ill-fated Saturday night and her eventual disqualification from the house.

BBNaija house is a winning territory for all the housemates.

We all know that this most intelligent housemate BBNaija is all about networking and winning territories, not losing them. Kiddwaya lost many territories because he did not managed his relationship with Erica, and in that process burnt his fingers.

As the saying goes, “no man is an island”. Whatever affects one in the house has an insidious way of affecting others. Though the housemates may not know it, whatever one does in the house affects not just their fellow housemates but also their fans, and they hardly forgets.

Breaking: Prince and Kiddwaya Got Evicted Tonight

The way and manner Kiddwaya and Erica managed their relationship didn’t help matters. Aside from the fact that they were each other’s distractions, they lost it right in the thick of the game and their relationship.

So while other housemates were winning territories, they were losing theirs. When Erica was disqualified for consistently breaking house rules, many knew Kiddwaya’s eviction was not far behind.

When Ka3na was evicted, Praise followed, the same fate also happend to Lilo and Eric.

When one takes a careful look at the evictions in the house this season, once a lovebird leaves the house, the other follows closely behind. The precedence is there for all to see. The same fate that Ka3na and Praise as well as Eric and Lilo suffered is what has befallen Erica and Kiddwaya.

In a zero sum game like BBNaija Lockdown, in which only one housemate emerges winner, one needs to be circumspect. But Kiddwaya was not at all. Rather he flaunted his wealth and his dad’s.

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Many housemates saw him as a threat and wished that he was evicted so that they can stand a chance of winning the prize. Kiddwaya was not circumspect and diplomatic, and he paid for that in the end.

Here are the lessons to learn from Kiddwaya’s eviction

  1. Never lose the purpose of a thing – Kiddwaya and Erica were each other’s distraction. Aside from that Kiddwaya never hid the fact that he wasn’t in the house for the money. If he wasn’t aiming at winning the highly-coveted prize, then while spend quality time he could have spent somewhere else in the house.
  2. Be circumspect all the time – Kiddwaya lost it immediately he started flaunting his wealth and boasting about how rich he was. That action only earned him many secret enemies in the house because they believed they needed the money more than he did.       READ ALSO BBNaija: Fans show undying love for Erica
  3. Make friends rather than enemies – From the way Kiddwaya handled his relationship with Erica, he created more enemies rather friends and alienated himself.
  4. Never brag about the edge you have over others– In a zero sum game like BBNaija Season 5, the more Kiddwaya bragged about his wealth, the more other housemates plotted against him.
  5. Mind your actions because they may hurt you in the end – Kiddwaya was never conscious of the fact that whatever one says or does comes back to hurt them. In a networking system like BBNaija, one’s actions always come full circle.
  6. Be diplomatic – Kiddwaya was never diplomatic in his dealings with Erica and other housemates. That made him an easy target.

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Report By Nehru Odeh

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