BBNaija- Nini, Saga and Queen Evicted Remaining Whitemoney, Liquorose, Emanuel, Cross, Pere and Angel

As we swagger to the Finale, the House has been loaded up with blended feelings as on one hand, the Housemates are happy to have come to the BBNaija 10th Eviction week.

While the Housemates shot-listed for the Eviction are apprehensive with regards to what’s to come.

Discussions about the Finale have been all the rage, leaving them pondering who’ll join Liquorose, Emmanuel and Cross on the finalists rundown, and life outside the House when the show closes in the coming week.

Big Brother Housemates triumphed when it’s all said and done the last Eviction Diary Room minutes with Saga, Queen, Pere, Whitemoney, Nini and Angel in a specific order, asking them how they were feeling. Their number one minutes in the House, and on the off chance that they have any unresolves matters with any Housemate.

In case you’re pondering who Nini picked as her date for a prize supper from Biggie for getting done with her mysterious Job, continue to peruse. (Gracious, and no, it’s not Saga… )


Conversing with Big Brother concerning how he’s believing he said he was really glad for himself since he accepts this stage will launch him to places he should be and give him openness.

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He uncovered that his companions outside the House accepted he’ll make it far in this show and that is the thing that has kept him moving.

He’s pulling for two individuals – himself and Nini which makes it muddled for him since he would not like to go, and it’ll even be a more regrettable circumstance for him in the event that she leaves in light of the fact that he would not like to be abandoned.

He said he would not like to encounter the last week alone, since Nini is his dearest companion in the House.

Saga’s #1minutes: When Nini won Veto ability to Save herself, winning 2.5 million Naira in the Lipton Task, painting during the craftsmanship Challenge, the second he ventured into the House, each and every other Friday Jacuzzi party and every one of the Saturday Night Parties.

Addressing the inquiry on irritating issues with any Housemate, Saga said he’s happy he has settled the ungainliness with Pere, yet something actually messes with him about Nini’s vanishing which he needs to know.


At the point when gotten some information about how she was feeling, Queen said she’s terrified she probably won’t scale through today. She added that she cherishes winning, so on the off chance that she returns home, she’ll be pitiful. She’s keeping a positive energy that she will endure the season’s last Eviction.

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About irritating issues, she referenced that has settled all forthcoming issues with everybody and she’s content with the remainder of the House.

Queen’s #1minutes: Winning the prize for the best protector in Bet9ja, winning the PiggyVest Challenge. Likewise on this rundown, she added coming into the Big Brother Naija House, meeting individuals she thinks often about – Whitemoney, Saga, Nini and getting spoiled by Big Brother.

Queen finished her Diary meeting by revealing to Biggie that she’s despondent that she couldn’t buy presents for Whitemoney as she had before mentioned. On the grounds that she accepts gifts are the main approaches to see the value in somebody one thinks often about.

Ebuka reacted saying she should discover what Whitemoney’s way to express affection is, so she knows how best to show her appreciation to him. We can hardly wait to perceive how that ends up.


Talking on the Eviction feels, Pere uncovered that he felt extremely apprehensive, as he couldn’t say whether this is the stopping point for him in the game.

He added that he has nothing to determine with the Housemates in the House yet has annoying issues with Maria. Saying she wasn’t content with the game they all played at the feasting region yet since she quit conversing with him, he needed more an ideal opportunity to discuss it to clear the issues.

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Pere’s number multiple times: The WAW dramatization show, the Close Up picture-taking Task. The ‘how low would you be able to go’ fun game which they all played, the Saturday Night Parties, a portion of the Jacuzzi parties and certainly appreciated being Head of House in Biggie’s House.

He finished his Diary Session showing Biggie his new hairdo. Who else is cherishing Pere’s new look?


Whitemoney disclosed to Biggie that he was feeling thankful, alive, and satisfied. He said he has blended sentiments about the Eviction around evening time on the grounds that as per him, “the line-up too gag”, and he doesn’t know of the measure of individuals that will enter the Finale.

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He added that it’ll be agonizing to watch the finalists partake in Biggie’s treats from his home, so he’s trusting he endures this week.

On annoying issues, he said he has none to determine and the undeniable instance of pressure among himself and Pere has been broken up and they’re currently cool. He has additionally gone to a comprehension with Queen, so it’s been totally settled.

Whitemoney’s number one minutes: The Lipton Task since he wasn’t hoping to win, the Revolution Plus Task, cooking and cleaning in the Kitchen, all the music or dramatization Tasks he has won in the House.

“Something else that satisfies me is the way that I can exist together with ladies, and I had the option to put my watchman down to communicate my sentiments to individuals I care about,” he added.

He additionally referenced that being called by Big Brother after going into the House and wearing the Head of House token likewise come to this rundown.


Nini said she was feeling somewhat apprehensive, yet she decides to partake in the day and since it very well may be her last day in the House, she’s partaking in each second.

She’s fine with being up for Eviction this week since she has endure nine Eviction weeks in the House and thinks she has a 40% possibility of endurance. Considering individuals she’s facing this week. By and large, she has had an awesome encounter on the show and is thankful for that.

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She added that she has nothing to determine with the Housemates, aside from the way that she believes she ought to apologize to the Housemates for keeping them stressed when she vanished. However she probably won’t find the opportunity to in the event that she leaves today.

Nini’s most loved features: Her first day in the House, winning the Veto power to save herself from conceivable Eviction, being companions with Saga which assisted her adapt to the show and avoiding her family and sweetheart.

She has such countless most loved minutes in the Shine Ya Eye House which additionally incorporate making incredible companions like Arin.

For a task professional, Biggie remunerated Nini for effectively following through with her mysterious Responsibility. This prize incorporates an extravagance spa day and a selective supper for two sitting tight for her after the show.

Big deal then, at that point, requested that she pick a date, which can be anybody of her decision in or out of the House, and she picked her beau.


Angel referenced that she has been focused on this week as a result of the Eviction and is having a restless outlook on life after the show.

She believes she’s going out today and is unsure with regards to what anticipates her outside. She additionally said on the off chance that she doesn’t make it to the finals, she’s certain that she has progressed admirably and is appreciative she made it this far.

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She’s glad she’ll leave with a gauge of around five to 7,000,000 Naira. And she also says that the House has made her so OK with bringing in cash since she has won a ton of Tasks and prizes in the House.

Angel’s top minutes: They incorporate each party second, every time she has gone through with Cross since they’re continually snickering, completing the foul Head of House Challenge, and winning the Abeg Task fourteen days prior.

Talking on any annoying issues in the House, she said that despite the fact that she’s not one to keep malevolence, she’ll never resolve her issues with Boma. And added that she has nothing to settle with different Housemates.

Best of luck to the Housemates confronting Eviction this week and cheers to the finalists. Who do you believe is joining the Finale list? Reveal to us utilizing #BBNaija on every single social stage.

The Four Enduring Housemates Continuing to The Finale Are Whitemoney, Cross, Liquorose and Emmanuel

The semi-final lap of the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ season started with one more significant trick. Show Host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu left fans of Pere astounded in the wake of declaring the housemate’s eviction.

Minutes after the fact, Ebuka declared that Pere was evicted from the house and not the game. However, the first real eviction of the show was later confirmed to be Queen. She was later followed by Nini.

The third housemate to formally leave the show is Saga and this was not unexpected to devotees of the show.

In a second and last bend, Ebuka reported the removal of housemate Angel. That both Angel and Pere moved to a different area in the house to play an extraordinary game to have a chance to join the house as the fifth.

BBNaija housemates, Pere and Angel had a conversation about Whitemoney not being a nice guy as he always portrays himself to be.
They had the conversation despite the uncertainties about their fate in the house while they were in the White room.


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