BBNaija Grand Finale: What Are Your Expectations Tonight?

I welcome you all to the grand finale of the Six Edition of this entertaining Big Brother Naija reality TV Show.

BBNaija Grand Finale

Tonight its going to be hot as the winner of the season 6 will emerged among the 6 remaining housemates

Emmanuel, may you prosper in whatever you do in Jesus name. Amen!
Liquorose, may you soar higher than eagle, may you be blessed beyond expectations in Jesus name, Amen!
Whitemoney, may God uplift you and also protect you in Jesus name, Amen!
I will miss three of you personally. Goodluck to you all.

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I’m selling paracetamol for headaches,
coz tonight it will be wild.

Thank you Nigerians for hosting us, I will miss the HMs. They are all beautiful and intelligent. Till next year One Love African. It was just a game nothing personal.
Pere helping his fellow housemates get dressed and move their luggages to the store room but the one who’s been shouting…”ayam selfless”..”alike epping pipo”…”I like cooking for pipo” “alike making pipo apyy”,
ALL SEASON is no where to be found. Thanks for being consistent Mr Egbi..the world awaits you.Biggie you should have let the housemates dress up in their own clothes . This stylist has dressed my white like an ordinary person yet today is a big day

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And the winner is angel doom it’s not even making sense
And the winner is pere
And the winner is cross
And the winner is Emmanuel
And the winner is rose not bad
And the winner is WHITEMONEYyyyyyyyyyyyyy … It even sounds nice… Attack me I’m ready.
Ish bread winner is watching 117 i don’t thik I will be able to watch it tonight I am stressing you.

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For the first time in big brother history the cook emerges winner, if you know you know and I don’t regret supporting him, much love to all of you who participated in this exercise. I sign out waiting for season 7.
Unpopular opinion: WM geng voted to prove a point to Pere
Liquorose voted cause they wanted a female winner (celebrity status added). Patriots voted cause Pere made the show worth watching Angel fans always blackmail with mental health, sympathy vote. Cross last born #BBNaija
The whole of Ghana is off! Multi choice..small rain na your network is gone . how do we watch this finale? tell us … yall need to work on ya network. its so bad.
Pere I’m soo proud of you, who would have thought. After everything you went through in that house and you still came out with your head held up high. YOU ARE GOING PLACES!!
No one is suffering High Blood pressure and about 20 heart beats per second more the housemates now… Expecting to hear your name as the winner will be more traumatizing than waiting for a safe delivery of problematic labour.

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Nah God go punish Mr Devil.
Since this show started, NEPA people and our generator have never disappoints us….. But immediately the time was 6:55… NEPPA people took the light.. Okay, I come happy say generator dey…. I wan go on the generator, E no gree on.
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