#BBNaija: Full Data of BBNaija Laycon The Icon

Icons, We are at war!

 Olamilekan Agbeleshe AKA “Laycon” Olamilekan Agbeleshe is 26 year old singer and rapper from Lagos. He is a graduate of philosophy from University of Lagos.

Full Data of BBNaija Laycon

Full Name Olamilekan Agbeleshe
Age 26
Birthday 1994
Sex Male
Alma Mater University of Lagos
Marital Status Single
Height 5″6
Place of Residence Lagos
Place of Birth Lagos State
Tribe Yoruba
Career Rapper, songwriter

BBNaija Laycon’s girlfriend or wife

BBNaija Laycon is single. He is not married and currently does not have a girlfriend or wife.

Oluwaseyi hinted that Laycon is not just an ordinary person in BBNaija house, but an intelligent, team player, full of talents among the other housemates.

It was war from day one you stepped into that house.

According to him, “I am the Nigeria Youth Congress, Ogun State Chairman. We are trying to move around Ogun State to mobilise support for him so that people can vote for him.

“We are giving recharge cards to people to vote for him.  When we give them the card, we tell them to vote for him

Laycon is a son of the soil in the BBNaija house. We are mobilising for people to support and vote for him because this is the last week for the show.

“We are doing it out of willingness as youths in the state and we have someone like Laycon who is also from our dear state. We need to give him total support because his success is our own success and it will be a pride for the governor of the state.”

This is Why Nengi Doesn’t Want Anybody To Touch Her While Dancing During Parties Except Laycon

Why Laycon is an Icon

You greeted people but they ignored you.

Round the table they left no space for you.

You introduced your self and said you are signed to a record label but ka3na yelled at you.

we don’t care!”

People rejected you in their group on the first task.

Lucy bullied you for being fragile

You fell in love but it was robbed on your face because of your physical look.

They made falling in love look like a crime to you.

You watched the woman whom you fell in love with kissing and romancing someone else in from of you.

You were called skinny drum stick.

You were called mob head.

You were emotionally butchered by the woman you love.

She wished you death!

Yet, you held your peace and kept no grudges.

Instead, you picked yourself up and said…

“Its love and light”

You raised your head above the water to breathe again.

You started winning…

You won many task more than anyone in the house…

You badged endorsement deal while you are still inside the house.

You proved yourself, your magnetic intelligence attracted fortune to you.

You were discovered!

You were verified!

You were identified!

You were justified!

You were covered with Grace!

The whole world came to your rescue!

You were vindicated!

A god in human body!

This day, we vote ruthlessly.

We have a message to pass!

And it shall be heard.

But now, we go to war!

BBNaija Laycon on social media

BBN Laycon is active on social media.

The official Instagram account of BBNaija Laycon is @itslaycon

The official Twitter account of BBNaija Laycon is @itslaycon

We are icons!


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