Arsenal Fans React as Aubameyang Was Seen Chatting and Laughing with Gudogan After a Defeat

Arsenal lost 1-0 at the Ethiad Stadium on Saturday 17th October.

Gunner’s have been receiving a boost before the match to win the match after the Man City playmaker Kelvin De Bruyne suffer injury during the National duty against Iceland on Wednesday, he was substituted on Sunday in their 2-1 loss to England.

The Arsenal captain Aubameyang appeared to share a joke with Man City’s Ikay Gudogan after the Gunner was defeated. After the final whistle, the players exchanged a few words before heading down tunnel.

Let’s see how Arsenal fan’s React on Twitter

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Twitter: “Why the f*** is he so happy. We just lost with an abysmal display with almost no players actually being asked to do anything.”

Another tweeted: “Surely could have waited till he was down the tunnel at least. I don’t care what he does just a time and a place to be having a laugh.”

One supporter commented: “Auba standing chatting and having a laugh with a City player after a defeat is simply not acceptable.”

But to me, the players are also human. There is nothing bad in exchanging words or jokes before or after match. It has nothing to do with the team. I don’t know why we fans are reacting this way because even the players that we are here talking about will surely get their pay either they win or lose.

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It is only fans that die for football clubs while the players move at anytime. When I say Up Chelsea and you respond with Chelsea for life!!! I always laugh because the people in this team are earning millions of pounds every week and they can never tell you Chelsea for life.

So, let’s forget about this issue and move on, today may be a bad day for Arsenal but tomorrow, favour may turn to their side.

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