Are You a Lagosian, Do You Want To Know Who Owns Lagos? Read This


Do you really believe in the sayingsLagos is No Man’s Land?

We have compiled the full details we are able to gather to enlighten the Lagos residents, property owners, landlords and business personels of the real owner of Lagos.

“By 1872 Lagos was a cosmopolitan exchanging focus with a populace of more than 60,000 people.

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Colonial Lagos formed into an occupied cosmopolitan port, with an engineering that mixed Victorian and Brazilian styles.The Brazilian component was granted by talented manufacturers and artisans who had gotten back from Brazil.

The dark world class was made out of English-speaking “Saros” from Sierra Leone and other liberated slaves who had been localized from Brazil and Cuba. By 1872 the number of inhabitants in the settlement was more than 60,000, of whom under 100 were of European.


In 1876 imports were esteemed at £476,813 and sends out at £619,260. Phone joins with Britain were set up by 1886, and electric road lighting in 1898.

In August 1896, Charles Joseph George and G.W. Neville, both traders and both informal individuals from the Legislative Council, introduced an appeal encouraging development of the railroad end on Lagos Island as opposed to at Ido, and furthermore requesting the rail route to be stretched out to Abeokuta.

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Lagos history is wealthy in Yoruba tradition, trade and commerce, infrastructural improvement and cosmopolitanism.” – EXTRACTED

With the little realities above, I might want to instruct a few ignorant people making inept supposition from blind feelings that they created Lagos and that they are the real owner of Lagos.

Lagosians had phone presence in 1886, Itu and Calabar got associated with Telephone in 1923, while somewhere in the range of 1946 and 1952, a three-station line transporter framework was authorized among Lagos and Ibadan and was subsequently reached out to Oshogbo, Kaduna, Kano, Benin, and Enugu.

Correspondence innovation is a significant signifier of civic establishments and in case Lagosians were at that point settling on phone decisions over 70 years before your daddies, where then, at that point did you get the distorted thought that you came to foster Lagos?

By 1856 Cable and Wireless Company of the UK had authorized a submarine link interface among Lagos and London and In 1851 a mail center was set up in Lagos; every one of these before of the development of Nigeria as an amalgamated country.

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On the off chance that I might ask once more, where did the dumb thought that Igbo created Lagos came from? Or then again that Lagos was created with Nigeria’s cash when Lagos was not piece of Nigeria until 1914.

I generally feel humiliated whenever I peruse and hear all things considered taught individuals from the East making these idiotic statements.

The principal Yoruba attorney Christopher Alexander Sapara Williams was called to the English Bar in 1879 while the main Igbo legal counselor, Sir Louis Mbanefo, was called to the English bar in 1937.

Again the main Yoruba clinical expert, Dr. Nathaniel King, graduated in 1875 from the University of Edinburgh while the principal Igbo clinical professional, Dr. Akannu Ibiam, moved on from one more Scottish University in 1935.

Again I ask, where did the oblivious speculation of the regressive Yoruba race who required advancement by the prevalent Igbo race come from? For our age and any kind of future family we need to show genuine history and not simply concoct some whimsical personality driven inventions as realities.

The mentality of reusing long stories saturated with void pomposity ought to be disposed of before you mislead your children with fictions.

Awolowo will keep on being the Yoruba saint not in light of visually impaired followership but since he gave his kin the arrangement of free training, free medical care and he acquainted Television with the Yoruba; making Yorubaland the primary locale to have a TV station in Africa all finished with incomes from Cocoa.

It is vile obliviousness and exposed buffonery to guarantee Lagos was worked with Nigeria’s cash. Likewise, where did the absurd thought that the Igbo carried human advancement to Lagos and Yoruba-land come from?

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The point of this post isn’t to scorn any clan however to address the risky deception moving among some Igbo adolescents and normal in their accounts that Lagos is a dead zone and that their dads assembled and foster Lagos.

Your ancestors came to Yoruba-land like each different pilgrims and we like their commitments yet the inept case that Igbo constructed and foster Lagos is a gross showcase of idiocy since Lagos was at that point created before your progenitors came here from their towns and towns.

The main story working in Nigeria was inherent Marina, Badagry in 1845, well before some of hinterland individuals surrendered the possibility of cone shaped mud houses with covered rooftops which some egotistically called ‘antiquated chateaus.’ How can you presently guarantee your fantastic sires created Lagos?

Please in case you are one of those spreading the fiction, I anticipate that you should halt from self-fancy and aggregate amnesia forthwith.

The primary Igbo letters in order character set and Igbo groundwork (Isoama-Ibo) was distributed by Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther (a yoruba man from Osogun) in 1857. How might you presently guarantee prevalence over the Yoruba race and even heedlessly avow that your ancestors ought to be expressed gratitude toward for carrying edification to Yoruba Land?

While I don’t consider all to be accomplishments as an indication of Yoruba prevalence over the Igbo or some other clan for I don’t put stock in racial predominance; I won’t likewise endure any endeavor by narrow minded people who stir up ethnic scorn through impelling and presumptuous cases of prevalence over others.

Ademola Idris Shitta

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