Apple Presents a Total of 4 New Model iPhones- iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus etc.

Apple company presented the new iPhone 14. A total of four new models to renew its entire range of phones. Namely iPhone 14 , the new iPhone 14 Plus and the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Today is the day that the new iPhone 14 begin to reach the first buyers and in some have already been able to test them.


According to Wikipedia the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. They are the sixteenth generation flagship iPhones, succeeding the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Wikipedia

iPhone 14 Pro Review

In this article I am going to bring you the first impressions of the iPhone 14 Pro, the little brother of the highest range of the manufacturer that comes with a very striking novelty: the dynamic island that replaces the classic notch that they released with the iPhone X. We tell you what We have found this and other novelties in this first contact.

Straight out of the box, the iPhone 14 Pro looks a lot like its predecessor. Apple maintains the same design language with a matte glass back and shiny metal side edges. The unit that we have tested is Space Black and the truth is that matte black looks great on the back, which hardly attracts fingerprints. I can’t say the same for the metal edge, which is downright impossible to keep clean.

The first novelty that we detect is that the cameras are slightly larger than those of the iPhone 13 Pro. It protrudes at least one millimeter more and this makes it more crooked when we leave it on the table. It’s not a drama, but there it is.

The novelty comes when we turn on the screen and the new dynamic island appears. Apple abandons the notch that they have been using for five generations and gives way to this island. Later we will talk about the software functions that accompany it, but at the design level it is still the hole in the screen that we have seen in Android phones that have a double front lens, such as the Huawei P40 Pro.

The first contact is somewhat strange. It is an element that we are used to seeing, but never on an iPhone. As with the notch, that feeling fades and in the end you get used to the change. Of course, it is not more discreet than the notch. It’s narrower, yes, but it’s a lot deeper and gets further into the screen (about two millimeters) making the status bar take up more space than before. It’s not outrageous, but there it is.

iPhone 14 Pro Screen

Since we are in the front, let’s talk about screen. Apple maintains the same panel that they had been using in the previous generation, with some slight changes. The main one is that the maximum brightness peak reaches 2,000 nits. I have been taking photos in full sun and the truth is that you can see that push of brightness. Resolution, diagonal and refresh rate are maintained at 120Hz. The screen feels smooth, looks sharp and the color calibration combined with the True Tone system gives us an excellent visual experience.

There is a novelty that has to do with the screen: the Always On mode or screen always on. We are not facing an Always On to use in which we only see the clock and some more data on a black screen. Here we have the same lock screen, wallpaper included, but with the brightness to a minimum. It only turns off if we put the mobile upside down or if we carry it in our pocket, the rest of the time it is always on. Visually it looks great and it comes in handy for not having to touch the mobile if we want to see the time or if we have notifications. Of course, in the review we will tell you how this impacts battery consumption. The good news is that if you are not convinced, it can be disabled.

Let’s go to what surely interests the majority: is the dynamic island really so cool? I admit that I really wanted to test what is undoubtedly the most striking novelty of the new iPhone and the truth is that it is very well resolved. There is a conflict here and that is that, at least today, it is not possible to hide the front camera and all the FaceID sensors under the screen. For this we already had the notch, what Apple does here is create an island and give it meaning. Since it’s annoying, at least it’s useful for something.

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The notch was static, but this island stretches and changes shape to show us information, almost as if it were alive. The animations are very careful and, although there are still many apps to adapt to this change, in this first contact the feeling is already something quite polished.

The Timer

In the review we will see in more depth everything that this island can do, but it is activated with system apps such as the timer, when we make or receive calls, when putting the silent mode, when paying with Apple Pay or when recording the screen.

For instance, if we set a timer, the island is enlarged showing the timer icon on the left and the remaining time on the right. If we press on the island once, it will open the Clock app, but if we make a slightly longer press, the island expands to form a rectangle and also shows us the buttons to pause or delete the timer.

I still have to test it further, but in this first contact my feeling is that it will be a more useful function when viewing content (knowing that you have a timer or that you are recording screen) than interacting with it. The reason is that the island is quite small and is at the top; if we are using the mobile with one hand, it is very difficult to get there. Another drawback is that, although we do not want to, we are constantly touching the front camera. You are going to have to clean the selfie camera quite often.

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At the moment it seems that the island is a bit wasted because there are still many third-party apps to adapt and take advantage of, although we know that in the case of iOS it won’t take long. I would also like all the notifications to appear on the island and not just below it, but I guess it’s a matter of time before they polish it up. All in all, I have doubts that it will be a noticeable change in the user experience after the initial hype . We will see.

iPhone 14 Pro Camera

In the camera section, we do have an important change: the main sensor is larger and goes up to 48 megapixels. By activating the ProRaw mode (it is deactivated by default) we can take RAW images of 48 or 12 megapixels. If we choose the 12-megapixel mode, the iPhone 14 Pro will do what we know as ‘pixel binning’, that is, it joins four pixels into one. Using the 48 megapixels we have images four times larger, something that can come in handy to frame a fragment, almost like a posterior zoom.

In the case of wide and telephoto lenses, we can also use ProRaw, but here we will not be able to go beyond 12 megapixels of resolution. In the review we will see in depth how the three lenses behave, but in this contact we will briefly see how the main sensor performs, which in the end is the one that has been renewed.

While the iPhone 14 is one of the most continuous models that we remember, its Pro brothers have more arguments in favor that justify their purchase. After this contact, we believe that it is still a timid renewal that makes it seem that we are facing an iPhone “S” and not a completely renewed model.

It remains to test sections such as autonomy (especially with that new screen on), the performance of the new Apple A16 and squeeze its cameras well. However, as we said at the beginning, the most striking novelty in this generation is the new notch, aka dynamic island.

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