AGT Will Last For 35 to 40 Years- CEO Reassure Users

Good evening to all users in AGT

We may have encountered a slight problem for the very first time in AGT.
AGT is not and will never be ponzi. But right now, we are faced with critical problem.

Few days ago, I had a meeting with some of these gateways we use for withdrawals and they said all was fine as long as each user does not exceed the $100,000 bench mark everyday.

Right now guys, the gateways have rejected all the payment requests sent to them. The reason is because the withdrawal is more than their total supply of Usdt in all these exchanges.

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Like I always say, make your research. There is not more than 100 Billion dollar volume of Usdt in circulation and Altra7.0 has made over 450 billion.

We may get to days where we will have to pay above 100 Billion dollars in a day and the problem will get worse. I will send all these proves so you see it yourself and know there is nothing hidden here.

I was so Excited in the morning because i had plans to make my own withdrawals too. I even said it in the group about how excited I was. But this affects even me just like every other person and share holders of the company

But like I have always promised. No day must go by without withdrawals and your money should never be limited from you taking it when you want.

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Hence we have decided to do this,we will reduce the maximum amount allowed on bot 4.0 and 7.0 to 50,000 dollar and the returns receive daily will be reviewed.

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And also after the end of your contract, the bot will end your contract and you can withdraw or select same bot or another bot to continue. This also means the compounding now ends when the bots ends. So if you select Altra 4.0 with 15days,after 15days your contract ends and your money is released.

You cannot keep.compounding. With altra 7.0,after 60 days,your contracr ends and the bot will not allow you compound futher,you just withdraw or you begin another bot.

This way,the returns can be well managed never to run above what can be paid by exchanges and for Altra 2.1,it still remains the same but the only change is the return which is now between 1.3% to 2.1% daily and you can compound this for as long as you want.

It is not capped. The Altra 4.0 will release an estimated percentage of 35 to 50 percent in 15 days and the contract ends and you can renew or withdraw your money.

But the compounding will not exceed your 15 days. For the Altra 7.0 you will get estimated 150 to 220 percent after 60 days and it ends and you can withdraw or renew with same bot or another..

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Guys this is to ensure that we never have this issues ever again. Nothing makes me more happy than when i see people receiving everyday.

So guys let me prove to you that AGT is not a ponzi and will nrver be. Your money is not limited from you in anyway. The changes stated now will be effected in the next 2 hours and you will be able to make your withdrawals again today.

Yes you heard me. You will be able to make your withdrawals again. No one is asking you to put on more money before you can access your money.

You can decide to hold on with deposits after now and just take your withdrawals everyday or when you want and i can assure you,AGT will pay without your deposits comfortably at this returns for about 35 to 40 years.

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I will send you all the proves now you can check it yourself too and just give us two hours to implement this. I will not be happy at all if no withdrawal is made today.

2 hours only is all we ask. I will try to make this resolved as fast as possible

It will not affect anything. It will just rewrite your profits to the reset profit and then you can withdraw your money if you want. During this period,you will not be able to trade until we are done.

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Thank you AGT

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