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Afriq Arbitrage Trading System AAS


Date Of Launch: Soon

Counting days (soon)

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Introducing Afriq Arbitrage System, AAS… The Ponzi Killer

Built on Blockchain, DEFI, with a Smart Contract and Proof of Liquidity pool in Binance.

The way AAS works is very simple to understand.

Arbitrage is simply buying low in one market and selling high in another market.

In the Crypto ecosystem, this can be done between different exchanges like Binance, Okx, MEXC, Kucoin, Huobi, Coinbase, etc. For example, a coin can be selling in Binance at a price lower than its selling price in Huobi that very moment. So if you can “QUICKLY” buy from Binance and Sell in Huobi, you will make some profit.

As long as a coin is listed in an exchange that coin can be bought or sold (exchanged) instantly.

In AAS, the arbitrage trading is designed to run on 24/7 Automation using various APIs.
No human agent!
No clicking to trade at intervals!
No sleepless nights!

The System constantly scans all the exchanges using Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) to spot the best arbitrage trade. It executes the trade within a minute using High Frequency Trade (HFT) mode. It makes profit, converts it to USDT and returns same to the liquidity pool in Binance. It is programmed to do up to 21 trades in a day.

Since the System uses ASI to constantly scan the markets for the best possible trade before it executes the trade with HFT, the possibility of losses in AAS trading is extremely low. AAS stands to shock the crypto arbitrage market by its performance. In a worst case scenario, the profit may be small.

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An investor only needs to deposit a minimum of $20 into his AAS account wallet and watch it grow.

Withdrawal is possible at the end of each 24hr cycle within a 15min interval before another 24hr cycle begins. The processing of withdrawals is super fast, using the latest Microchip technology that can process 3.5million withdrawals per minute.

There are no withdrawal limits whatsoever, but a minimum balance of $20 should be maintained

$20 USDT (trc20)

Daily profit: 

2% (30 days)

5% (60 days)

2.2% (9 months and may increase as the community grows)

Minimum withdrawal:

No charges (Can withdraw both capital and profit)

Referral commissions:
5% from direct downlines daily profit.

Referral Levels: Only one level


  • Note: 2%(30 days)
  • 5%(60 days)
  • 2.2%(9 months)

Month 1=$36.2
Month 3=$676.7
Month 6=$4,797
Month.12=$241,065.4 (₦192.8M)

Month 1=$90.6
Month 3=$1,691.7
Month. 6=$11,992.6
Month.12=$602,663.6 (₦482.1M)

Month 1=$181.1
Month 3=$3,383.5
Month 6=$23,985.2
Month12=$1,205,327 (₦1B)

Month 12=$6,026,636 (₦4.8B)

Month 1=$1,811.4
Month 3=$33,833.4
Month 6=$239,852.2
Month12=$12,053,272.2 (₦9.6B)

AAS, 24/7 Arbitrage Trading Platform ACHIEVERS TEAM

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Afriq Arbitrage

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