9ja@60: Ai’regin Grew To 60 and Had Children Whom She Called “WAZOBIA” -Kenny

It was celebration galore on the day when her founding fathers, with their bodies filled with sores of a battle long fought, lifted the young Ai’regin even with their failing strength, and echoed their last sound of victory, Child at last!!!!

We Fought For The Independent and Sovereignty of Our Home Country -Comerade Ladele Ismail

Like mothers on the pangs of childbirth, they wriggled, trying to grasp onto life, even tasting the bitter tears that rolled down their cheeks.

Give her this book (constitution) for it’s a manual to guide her to womanhood, cloth her with my best apron for she’s the only heir and worth protecting, let our anthem be a lullaby to sooth her children who’ll therefore pledge to a mother so caring. They managed to mutter the words, but the pains was too much to bear, They grasped their last and kisses Ai’regin goodbye.

Happy Diamond Jubilee Independence Day Celebration -Epe LG Chairman

Ai’regin grew to 60 and had children whom she called WAZOBIA. The book which should guide the family became the plate WA fed from and which BIA washed. The Anthem which was to sooth her children’s soul became the very chord of discord which induces nightmares.

  • How can I pledge allegiance to one who feeds me with sorrows instead of bread, who clasp me with fetters of chain even when I’m free, who murders my ambition instead of mothering it?
  • Who embrace our tormentors who’d sold us into slavery just because they come back with pen and glittering poison?

BIA would wail..

In all the commotion, I knew it’s the trauma of a broken home. Set us free, they’ll yell. What’s the color of your problem? Ai’regin will scold. pointing to the old apron which waved round Ai’regin’s neck, they all shouted with eyes filled with sorrows……



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