86FB Review: Best Way To Recover All Your Loss in Football Betting

86Fb or 86W is a football betting platform under the City Football Group. It is a joint venture holding company in the UAE, the UK and China. Based in Manchester, it operates and manages a number of football clubs around the world, has a club certified and regulated by the local government in Nigeria, and has set up a legal Internet sports event investment company.

Do you doubt the credibility of the 86FB betting platform?

Click on the link https://search.cac.gov.ng/list and paste the 86FB CAC Registration Number 1891287 and search to confirm that 86FB platform is registered with the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This is a platform that gives opportunity for us to place a correct score at the opposite position. In the sense that when you stake a game to play 3-2 and they didn’t do it you WON and when they played 3-2 you get your money back.

Wow. That sounds son amazing, when you lose you gt your money back but that is when you play the company’s game by following their plan.

The team has two match plans every day. The first match plans to release the group at 11:00 a.m. and the second match plans to release the group at 17:00 p.m. during this period, you should pay attention to the group release plan and purchase the match on time.

On this platform, the minimum recharge is #3,500 and your earn on a daily bases but the outcome is very low.

But for those that have big money I mean the high stakes that want to avoid loss I swear this is a great opportunity for you.

You can only lose when you stake game on your own and they play the correct score you chose.


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When you register make sure you recharge your account instantly so that use can start staking your games and start making your money. After making payment you can join this whatsapp group.

First of all, let’s talk about the operation mode of the team. The team and APP are the same as everyone and APP. Our team is the general agent of 86FB platform in Nigeria. It has also developed from an agency team of dozens of people to an agency team of tens of thousands of people. Moreover, our large team has also proposed to APP that if our team members consult APP, it will be given priority, here I would like to tell you that you are currently developing many partners at the lower level of agents. You can also become agents like our team, as long as you have enough contacts and can develop your team.

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Next, let me first introduce to you how the 86FB makes money

I believe everyone can understand that APP’s agent rebates are level 1 10%, level 2 5% and level 3 3%. The team also supports everyone’s capital preservation plan and the team introduces feedback activities to everyone’s agents through APP’s agent rebates. The team also makes money through everyone’s rebates. This is why the team reminds everyone to develop their own team team every day.

In the entire Nigerian market, few teams dare to make promises to everyone that they will lose money due to investment losses. However, our team has always insisted on setting up its own capital preservation plan. The team has also developed into such a large scale by relying on its reputation. The team’s success is all due to giving back to team members, agents and teams to make 100% profit plans for everyone. The greatest feedback from partners to the team is to develop their own team.

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As mentioned above, the team relies on your agent rebates to earn money. If our team cannot continuously promote the development of agents, the team will not get more rebates. Therefore, why does the team always let everyone develop more agents and let everyone develop agents is not only good for the team, but also good for yourself.

Here, I would like to mention to the agents who have just joined or joined for a long time but have increased their investment: no matter how good the product is, no matter how much money you can make, if you don’t pay capital investment or develop agency subordinates, then you are doomed to make no money. I received some team members telling me that I can’t make money here. When I asked him how much money he has invested at present, he told me that I had only invested 5000NGN, so everyone knew that no matter what business I do now, I need to invest money.

From the above figure, we can see that investing #70,000 does not need to withdraw cash within one month, and you can earn #94,960 within one month through compound interest. Do you invest in any product or store in Nigeria? Investing #70000 can earn #90.000 in one month. You must know how to calculate your own profit point, plus the development agent, the agent earns hundreds of thousands of NGN per month. Millions of NGN are really easy.

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The new coronavirus epidemic has led to a very serious economic decline in Nigeria. If the price is high, many families will face no income if they are isolated at home for a long time and do not go out to work. At present, Nigeria is no longer a society that can earn money by going out to work. Now that the network is developed, we can also see that many entities have successfully joined the outlets through Facebook, YouTube.

When web applications release their own in-store products, online sales are very terrible. If you are only in a physical store, not many people know about your store, but if you are in Facebook. YouTube, then all Indonesia knows about your store.

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During the epidemic, many agents developed many subordinates. Many people made a lot of money with the help of the team and the 86FB APP. Even many people changed from a month’s salary 30000 NGN to a month’s stable income of 1500000NGN. I am not exaggerating our team. I believe those who have joined the team for one or two years will understand what changes they have changed before and after joining the team, from working to now, using a mobile phone can earn tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of NGN every day, becoming a small boss and forming his own team.

In fact, many team agents have set up agent gathering points in their own areas. They sit in the coffee shop and drink coffee every afternoon during tea and introduce our products to the guests in the coffee shop. Most of the time, it is not that we can’t develop our subordinates but that we don’t use the right methods.

There are many ways to develop subordinates, such as: Facebook, YouTube and tremolo. Relatives and friends around us, our neighbors and partners, good friends and girlfriends, go to the street to promote our products, etc.

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In addition, after the team development agent reaches a certain number of employees, the corresponding salary will be paid to the agent on the 10th of each month.

The settlement method is January 1. You only need to develop subordinates to meet our requirements to get the corresponding salary. The more subordinates you develop, the higher your salary will be. At the same time, the salary and the rewards of the team and the platform can be superimposed.

As you can see from the above figure, the reward for the development of 5 subordinates is 7000NGN, the reward for one subordinate is 1400NGN, the reward for the development of 50 subordinates is, and the reward for the development of 80000NGN is increased to 1600NGN, which is the reward given by APP.

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I believe everyone should be able to understand after listening to this. If you want to earn more money every day, it is indispensable to invest more money and develop agents. Moreover, the team should add so many agency rewards to everyone. The team should also be strong. You must also be strong and follow the team’s footsteps further and further. Here I tell the team members a truth: a wolf cannot beat a lion, however, thousands of wolves can dominate the world.

By the same token, one person cannot form a team. All of you are an indispensable part of the team, including if you want to be strong and want to earn more money, it is useless to rely on yourself alone. You must develop your own subordinate agents to develop your own team before you can have a steady stream of income!

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Here are three important profit points of the team to share with you. Many members of the team still don’t know what to calculate the income.

The 88FB three points are:

  1. Dynamic income,
  2. Static income,
  3. Compound interest income.
  • Rebates of subordinates development from lower-level agents
  •  The static income of the team development
  • The dynamic income of personal recharge principal compound interest

Next, let me explain to you what is dynamic income and what is static income!

Dynamic income:
Refers to the personal recharge principal. For example, I recharged 100,000NGN today. According to the team plan, the average daily income of 3%, my principal of 100,000NGN can earn a stable income of 3000NGN per day through the plan. If you earn 3000 NGN in one day, you will earn 90,000 NGN in 30 days a month! Of course, you also need to deduct the withdrawal fee. If you withdraw every day, the fee of withdraw is expensive, so the team does not recommend cashing out every day!

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Static income:
Refers to the subordinate agents that I develop. After they recharge and follow the team plan to make money, the agent rebates, this is called static income! So how to expand our static income? Of course, to develop your own subordinates. First, the rebate that a level 1 agent can bring us is 10% of the income of the day, that is to say, I developed a subordinate, and he earned 100,000 NGN today, then I can directly get a static income of 10,000 NGN. This is very impressive income!

Agent rebates income is divided into:
10% of the income of the first-level agent
5% of the income of the second-level agent
3% of the income of the third-level agent

The first-level agent earns 100,000 NGN = 10,000 NGN static income
The second-level agent earn 100,000 NGN = 5,000 NGN static income
The Third-level agent earn 100,000 NGN = 3,000 NGN static income

So if dynamic income and static income are combined, how much income can you achieve in a month? I think everyone can clearly understand this substantial income!

I have explained dynamic income and static income above, elow I will explain to you what is called principal compound interest!

First of all, if I make an investment plan on the basis of 70,000 principal today, the average daily income is calculated by 3%.

According to the above table, we invested 70,000 NGN of the principal, calculated the daily income of 3%, 30 days without withdrawal, combined the principal and income to continue to earn, our net profit after 30 days was as high as 94960 NGN. This is still not included the static income of our agency, so it can be imagined that if you invest 700000 NGN, invest 7 million NGN, and invest 10 million NGN, will your income become more considerable?

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So what I want to talk to you next is also a very important point, what benefits can developing your own team bring?

First , our team must give the greatest support to the partner who develop agency team!

After establishing your own dedicated team, invite the team mentor to join the telegram group to assist in the management of the subordinates. After verification and reach the standard, the founder can get a monthly salary;

  1. There are 50 subordinates. The salary is 20000NGN.
  2. There are 200 subordinates. The salary is 150,000 NGN.
  3. There are 500 subordinates. The salary is 350,000 NGN.
  4. There are 1,000 subordinates. The salary is 1,000,000 NGN.

Friendly reminder: Partners build their own dedicated team. The founder team can get different salaries form team dividends at different stages. Our team provides founders with the following free services: 1. Founder management training. 2. Investment knowledge training. 3. All subordinates can enjoy capital preservation plan.

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Of course, the team strong advocates that everyone develop their own agency team for the following reasons!

  1. The capital preservation plan of our team needs to rely on agent rebates to maintain 100% profitability for everyone, and the team needs to continue to grow
  2. It is not enough to rely on a 3% capital preservation plan to make profits every day. I also calculated the benefits of agency activities and the calculation of high rebates for everyone above. I think everyone understands the charm and benefits of agency.

  3. The agent can also let everyone get to know more partners and friends, and develop a good agent team. Everyone can make money even lying down. Even if you don’t have too much capital to invest, you can rely on the three-level agent rebate on the 86FB platform. To earn high rebates.

Here, our team sincerely hopes that every member who joins us can have a stable and high income, and can provide help to everyone when the epidemic is difficult. And also hopes that every team member will think carefully yourselves. Set a profit goal and strive towards this goal every day. Today’s course is over.

Thanks to every team member for your trust and support to our team. Everyone’s support is the driving force for our team to move forward!

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The team has two match plans every day. The first match is scheduled to be released at 11:00 a.m. and the second match is scheduled to be released at 17:00 p.m. during this period, everyone must pay attention to the group’s release plan and purchase the match on time.

Members who have just joined may not know that a 5% handling fee needs to be deducted for each withdrawal on the 86FB platform. The team recommends that you run for half a month or once a month to withdraw money, which can increase your income. If you withdraw money every day, your income will be greatly reduced. If money is not tight, there is no need to withdraw money every day.

Withdrawal on 86FB

When you need to withdraw money, you must bind personal information and bank card information on the platform. If personal information and bank information do not match, you cannot withdraw money. Please remember that you must verify whether it is correct during the binding process.

86FB Withdrawal Charges

There is 5% charges on every withdrawal on 86 Football platform

Watch video on how to stake bet on the platform


p style=”text-align: center;”>Click Here To Join 88FB

There are still many members who don’t know how the competition we bought can be profitable.

A football match has 90 minutes, 45 minutes in the first half, 45 minutes in the second half and 15 minutes in the intermission. There are a total of 18 scores in a match. As long as the score you bet is inconsistent with the final result, you will make a profit.

For example, if you buy a match with a score of 0-0, then no matter which team scores a goal during the match, then we will make a profit on the 86FB project. Even if you don’t know anything about football, the probability of making a profit is as high as more than 96%. The 86FB team also provides professional analysts to analyze the score of each match, avoid the score option of loss, and increase the probability of profit to 96%. After joining the team, there is basically no need to worry.

If the team buys the match according to the analyst’s plan and causes losses, the team will use the capital preservation plan to compensate you.

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You can also get more information from WIKIPEDIA


We lose today’s game 7th of February 2022 and in less than an house all the fund were recovered through the capital reservation of the 86FB company.

We have found the best platform in the world with full confidence and confirmation… Don’t waste your money again, the right and legit source is here.

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