86 Football: Everything You Need To Know About 86 Football Company

What is 86 Football and When Was The Company Established

86 Football is a sports investment company headquartered in Manchester, UK. Co-founded by City Football Group CFG Co., Ltd. in May 2015, it has a very strong background. Our IFC Global International team undertakes the national general agent of 86FB Football in Nigeria because we understand the strength of the platform.

Is 86 Football Safe For Nigerians to Invest?

The platform 86 Football is absolutely safe and stable, and the background is strong. The group is jointly held by three consortiums, the main investor Abu Dhabi United Consortium (ADUG) holds 78% of the shares, China Cultural Industry Investment Fund and CITIC Group jointly hold 12%, and the last 10% is held by Silver Lake Investment Group. Operates many football clubs around the world. 86fb.com is the only official website of the platform.

86 Football is Registered Under The Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission

Many friends may know our IFC global team, but some of them don’t, so let me introduce our team 86FB Founded in 1956, IFC is a large international financial investment company with 185 member countries. Areas of expertise include finance, agriculture, manufacturing, infrastructure, etc. IFC operates in more than 100 countries around the world. Our global international team is the financial arm of IFC. Now responsible for the Nigerian market, develop the Nigerian market, and let more Nigerians know us.

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What Plan Does 86 Football Company Has For Nigerians?

In the entire Nigerian market, there are only a few teams that dare to promise everyone that they lose money and lose money. Only our team has maintained a capital preservation plan. Based on this, the team has developed into a team of more than 100,000 people. In addition, the team has hired a planning analyst from abroad who specializes in analyzing the most unlikely outcomes of each game. The team does this just to make themselves stronger and the people of Nigeria stronger.

I think everyone should also understand the importance of money. It is difficult to move without money in society. With money, life can be controlled by yourself, live easily, live meaningfully, do what you want to do.

Every member has spent a period of time with our mentor, and most of the members have made some money. Everyone knows the first point of how to make money in 86fb, that is compound interest, principal + profit = daily profit increase. One thing you need to know is that investing in compound interest is the most profitable model in the world, better than investing in bitcoin, stocks, futures, crude oil, funds, real estate, foreign exchange, etc.

What is The Average Monthly Profit For Investors?

Investing will bring you long-term benefits with less risk. If you are investing in bitcoin, stocks, futures, crude oil, funds, and foreign exchange, you need a lot of money and time to observe the market. If the market fluctuates, you will always have a quilt. The average monthly profit is between 10% and 100%. In the Global International Agency Team Capital Preservation Plan, the monthly profit rate is 200+. If you invest in real estate and other industries, it may be 1 when you start to make a profit. Years or two, and you can start your investment career when you join the team in the Global International Agency Team Capital Protection Plan!

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How Can I Make Money in a Short Time With 86 Football?

If you say that you can make a lot of money in a short time elsewhere, I can tell you as a team teacher that anything that makes you a lot of money in a short time has to take the risk, when you want to use 100 naira to make 10,000 NGN at one time It’s a gamble when it’s a gamble, it’s an investment when you earn 200 naira a day with 10,000NGN!

Everyone must be clear that participating in our global international agency team capital preservation plan is an investment project, and the global international agency team capital preservation plan is a very stable investment project. There is a team of 100 analysts behind it. The most accurate profit plan is analyzed from big data. The most stable profit plan is within 2.6%. Participate in the team’s capital preservation plan on time every day. Your profit will increase with time. I believe everyone has also seen team members. Profits are growing every day, what are you waiting for?

Who Can Invest in 86 Football?

For the capital preservation plan of the global international agency team, everyone can invest with complete confidence. This is a completely real and effective investment plan that can truly make you zero risk and stable profit. He not only has a special fund preservation mark, but also has a team teacher certification.

Everyone in the team is just one member of our tens of thousands of team members. There are many excellent investors in the team who have joined the fund preservation investment plan and have successfully achieved financial freedom.

How do they achieve it?

Of course, they wisely used enough funds to participate in the capital-guaranteed investment plan, and the long-term investment in the teacher’s plan doubled the principal. This explains a little why investors are always on the side of the rich, because they know that if there is an opportunity in front of you that will make you rich, investors will immediately invest enough money without hesitation.

There are not many opportunities to truly make you rich, and there are not many opportunities to make your wealth free. When you seize this opportunity, you can truly stand in the ranks of the rich, when others are making money. When you are watching, when others become rich, you are still working and eating employee meals. Never think about the money falling on your head. Always seize the opportunity to make money and become an investor. Only then can you truly succeed.

The 86fb Money Making Model (agent business)

I have explained earlier what is compound interest, what can compound interest bring you? stable income.

Now I will tell you the second point of knowledge about money making- agency business, what can agency business bring to you? No principal long-term income!

Lets Compare The Capital Preservation Investment Plan and The Agency Business.

The difference between the two types of making money is that capital preservation can bring you stable profits, and long-term investment can double your profits. You have already understood that.

How Can Investors With Low Capital Benefit More From The Platform?

I know that everyone is following the daily investment plan and has a deep understanding of what it feels like to make profits every day, but some people have different feelings, that is, those who do not have enough funds, everyone knows that investment requires sufficient funds. No matter the more funds you invest in, the higher your return on investment will be. Everyone in the business can understand that different funds have different profits. The larger the funds, the higher the profits, and the smaller the funds, the smaller the profits. This cannot be changed because the investing world belongs to the rich.

But in our team, there is a way to make small capital members become rich and big capital members to increase profits, that is agency business.

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What is Agency Business in 86 Football?

There are large and small agency teams in Nigerian agencies. The large agency team has 1,000 or even 10,000 people, and the small agency team has more than 100 people.

Why are there so many agency teams? Because being an 86fb agent is about building your own business, why? As an 86fb agent, you will always enjoy 10%, 5% and 3% of the profit of your subordinate agent, which is equivalent to your subordinate agent earning 10,000 per month, and you will have 1,000 dividends to your account every month. It’s just the profit of one person. When your team reaches 100 people, you will have 100 dividends of 1,000 per month, which is 100,000. Can you understand this? You can imagine when your team has 1,000 or 10,000 people, how much will your dividend profit be?

Building an agency team is equivalent to building your business. When you work hard for your own business, money will follow you. If you stop, you can only make money in your hands. In the agency business, everyone’s profit There is no upper limit. When you work hard for your career, your income is increasing every day.

Do you know why many people complain about not making money or making little money? Because people who make money are always actionists, not those who complain every day without taking any action. There are excellent agents in 86fb with 0 investment, and they have worked hard to build their own agency business. Now they have bought a house in Abuja, Does he think he’s making enough money? No, he is still working hard for his agency business.

People who work hard have been working hard for their own good life. Never feel that you have earned enough now, because you never know how much money you will need to spend in the future. In the future, you will have a good life, a good house, a good car, and the health of your family. You will always have a chance to have a good life and become a rich person by working hard in the 86fb agency business.

Don’t envy the rich now, because if you build your agency business now, you can surpass them, believe in yourself, believe in the team, you want to be successful, join the team now and you will always have a chance.


Seize the opportunity while seeing an expanding future for the online finance industry. Let me tell you the benefits of the platform and the benefits of our global international team. As long as you are willing to make money with your heart, I believe it is not difficult for you to earn hundreds of thousands, millions or tens of millions every month.

The picture above is the platform dealer reward

  • 1. Invite 5 subordinates to get 7000NGN
  • 2. Invite 20 subordinates to get 33000NGN
  • 3. Invite 50 subordinates to get 80000NGN
  • 4. Invite 100 subordinates to get 200000NGN

First Recharge Reward

The picture shows the rewards given by the team, the new subordinate users first deposit reward:

Deposit 3500NGN, team reward 350 naira,

Deposit 13000NGN, team reward 800 naira,

Deposit 60K, team reward 3000 naira etc.

Second Recharge Reward

In the picture is the second deposit benefit of the 86FB platform. If the user’s second deposit balance reaches 65K, they can receive a 3200NGN reward on the platform. Deposit 150K to receive 8800NGN and so on.

Note that only the second deposit is allowed to reach a balance of 65K or more to claim the above reward.

In the picture is the reward the team gives to the agent for inviting a subordinate.

If you invite a subordinate to deposit 3500 for the first time, you will get a reward of 150 naira.

Invite your subordinates to make their first deposit of 15,000 NGN, and you will receive a reward of 500 Naira.

Invite a subordinate to deposit 30000NGN for the first time, you will get a reward of 1000NGN,

Invite a subordinate to deposit 60K for the first time, you will get a reward of 2200NGN.

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What is 86FB Agent Rebate

The platform rebate rewards the members you invite as “first-level members“. The members invited by the first-level members are your “second-level members“. The members invited by the second-level members are your “third-level members“.

When your team members are profitable, you can get rebates. The distribution of agency profits is as follows:

10% for first-level members,

5% for second-level members,

3% for third-level members,

10% for first-level members, 5% for second-level members, 3% for members, and 18% for third-level members.

For Instance; 

1 agent earns 100,000 NGN = 10,000 NGN static income

2 agent earns 100,000 NGN = 5kNGN static income

3 agent earns 100,000 NGN = 3kNGN static income

As long as you are a full member of 86FB, you can have your own proxy code with Referral link. After receiving the dealer link code, you can share the link code to your friends and people who have the same interest in the 86FB investment platform to join.

If You Are Already a Member Follow This Steps To Copy Your Referral Link

  1. Click on Affiliate Report

2. Click on Promotion Code

3. Copy The Link and Send to Friends

Our global international team also provides benefits to support the development of your subordinates, because your subordinates are also subordinates of our general agent, and of course we also have rebates.

86 Football Agent Salary

  1. Salary of the general agent group (calculated in 4 levels, and the salary is transferred to the bank account which is usually paid between 10 and 15th of every month):
  • 1. The total number of subordinates in the team reaches 50, and the salary is 20,000NGN.
  • 2. The total number of subordinates in the team reaches 200, and the salary is 150,000 NGN.
  • 3. The total number of subordinates in the team reaches 500, and the salary is 350,000 NGN.
  • 4. The total number of subordinates in the team reaches 1,000, and the salary is 1 million NGN. Salary will be paid on the 10th to 15th of each month.

Having said so much, you should know how to calculate this account, right? Very simple, let me give an example:

For example, if you have 50 first-level subordinates, for example, each person has a deposit of 100,000 naira, and they earn about 2,500 naira every day, and the 10% profit of each person is 250*50 equal to 12,500 naira, which means that your first-level subordinates give you 12,500 naira rebates every day, then your first-level members also have subordinates, and your subordinates have a 5% rebate on their profits. Don’t forget, you can get tertiary subordinates.

How much can you earn in a day? Increase the money you make every day with your own investments.

But making money definitely requires you to work hard. How can you have subordinates if you don’t work hard? Others are busy cultivating subordinates every day, what are you doing? How much do you make a day when others make hundreds of thousands of naira a day? How much money everyone can make depends entirely on your efforts.

What is Team Work in 86 Football?

Teamwork is the ability to work together to achieve a common vision. The ability to lead an individual to achieve organizational goals. This is the process by which ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.

We hope that under the leadership of our global international team, you can change your life, improve your quality of life, and realize your unfinished dreams. come on.

How Does The Withdrawal Works

Withdrawal on 86 Football is The Best Ever because the moment you place a withdrawal in les than 5 to 10 minutes you have already receive the alert. You have access to your money any time any day, be it in the midnight, or weekends.

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86 Football is back

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