8 Photos That Explain The Struggles Of Opera News Hub Creators. No.7 Will Shock You

Thousands of people on this money making platform for writers Opera News Hub are facing lots of challenges with Rejections, Plagiarism, Clickbait etc

A photo is worth more than a thousand words, but a few words can change its story. That is my intention with these photos – to change its story.

With the following pictures, I shall narrate the struggles that Opera News Hub creators experience.

I will not bore you with a lengthy explanation of who a News Hub creator is, but just so you know, a creator is a writer or a blogger who creates and distributes original content on Opera News.

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Now that you understand, let us head straight to eight (8) struggles of an Opera News Writer.

1. The Struggle to Create an Attractive Article

Only an Opera News Hub creator can truly understand the struggle to create a ‘winning’ article. It is usually not easy to write an article that Nigerians will find attractive. Country hard, my dear.

2. When you Finally Write

There are stages to publishing an article on the Hub. And there is a joy that comes with seeing that blue stamp that ‘says’ published. You will appreaciate it even more, especially if it was under review (pending) for hours.

3. The Joy of Having Your Articles Published

Ah! So, all your posts were published? What a great achievement. You think to reward yourself with a nap. It’s not easy, please.

4. Wake Up Feeling Fly

Of course, you did not forget that all five (5) of your articles were published.

Wasn’t that what gave you the peace of mind and relaxation to have a nap? You wake up feeling like the boss of bosses. You know who I be?

5. The Rush to Your Dashboard

Now that you’re awake what next?

You rush to your Opera News Hub dashboard to see how your articles are faring.

Nothing gives more joy than to see that your articles have amassed thousands of clicks.

Clicks mean that your audience find it interesting. More clicks means more people have read it. Less clicks on the other hand… Oh my!

That coldsweat when you see paltry numbers like 12, 39, and 102. Your underwears are already soaked with sweat.

6. After all the Time and Hard Work

You think to yourself: After all the time, effort, and hard work I put in writing those articles, they’re not doing well.

What manner of thing is this?

OK. That’s 3 out of 5 articles. Maybe the other two have more than 100k clicks. So, you scroll down.

7. Who did I Offend?

You’re still perspirating from your low clicks. Thinking about your life when you scroll down to see that heartbreaking, bloodcurdling, bloodletting, annoyingly saddening red stamp that ‘screams’ rejected.

Jesu!!! Who did I offend?

My village people must be after my life, success, and greatness. Aah!!!

8. That Feeling of Worthlessness

For a News Hub creator, nothing beats the feeling of a rejected article.

That has to be one of the worst feelings ever! Sometimes, out of fear, I lack the courage to check my Hub dashboard after submitting an article.

Rejection? It can pain!

Wale has to be the most hated staff at Opera News Hub Nigeria. Creators blame him for all their rejected articles even when the reason for rejection is justifiable.

Sorry, guys, he’s only doing his job.


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