7 Things The Rich Usually Do That The Poor Don’t Understand

If you want to be rich, make sure you imitate the rich and take actions that the rich people are taking and avoid the actions of the poor. If you did not come out from a rich family, who told you a rich family can’t come out from you?

You can work for your money and earn it, that’s if you take the actions the rich people are taking. Instead of waiting for the rich to start sharing money to you or doing giveaways, study those things the rich are doing and start doing them so you will also make your money yourself. 

There Are Things You Should Imbibe From The Rich

1. The Rich Consistently Increase in Knowledge

The rich usually read books to learn and grow in knowledge. They are always reading books about how they can succeed in their business. The rich starve for knowledge because they know the more knowledge they have the more they are likely to succeed. Check majority of their circle, they are always reading books because they want to learn and grow and become that successful person they wish to be. 

The poor won’t read anything that can change their financial status. The rich are always starving for knowledge while the poor thinks they know everything.


2. The Rich Spend Their Money Wisely

When they have a certain money, they buy things that pay off for long time, like their education, their new businesses, their long term improvements. Even though they want to buy useless things it’s with their extra cash. The extra cash won’t affect them in any way. 

Poor people use their hard earned money to buy expensive clothes, phones, travel, expensive gifts etc

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3. The Rich Don’t Give-up

The rich don’t give up, they keep trying, no matter the problems on their way, they will work and work until they find solutions to the problem. They won’t look at what they are passing through now they will look at the future, because they know that their actions today will benefit them in the future. When a poor sees a problem, they give up easily, they may even call it bad luck and stop trying. 

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4. The Rich Relate With Successful and Positive Minds

The rich make friends with successful people with the same mind set. They love to learn what other rich people have learned/know. If you move out with those that are successful, you get more inspired and you will learn a lot.

 Rich people know that when they start moving out with those that complain about the government, those that speak negatively about the economy, they will also start doing the same thing. They also know that if they start hanging out with their caliber that talks about business opportunities, success, chances and positive things, they will have a transforming life and start doing the same thing. 

Poor people are always with poor people, many of them have bad mindset.


5. The Rich Believe in Investment

They usually invest their money and time into their future. For example, they invest money and time into their business, education, their planning and their value. 

They don’t sleep on time, just to learn more, improve themselves, their businesses etc. They are always facing their problems. Nobody to face it for them.

Whereas poor people don’t stress themselves, they are always enjoying themselves. 

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6. The Rich Does Not Miss Opportunities or Chances

When they see opportunities they take it, they don’t miss any investment opportunities. Just like the story that went viral some years back about Bill Gate offering a cheque to the lady that interviewed him. The journalist asked Bill Gates that what is the secret of his success?

Instead of Mr Gates should answer the question, he handed the journalist a cheque and told her to write an amount she wanted on it. The journalist refused and repeated the same question, then Bill Gates still gave her that same blank cheque for her to write any amount she wanted, Again she refused. 

Gates then looked at her and answer the question, he said the secret of his success is that he do not miss opportunities like she just did. He said assuming she has this philosophy, she could have become the richest journalist in the world today. As a business person make sure you seize every opportunity. You can only be successful when you take action immediately you see great opportunity

Poor people do miss opportunities and chances a lot. Ask those that are poor now majority of them had a lot of opportunities and chances in the past but they missed it. Some are rich in the past, but because they wasted their money, no investment, all the money went away just like that. While some because they are not diligent with their job, they loose their job and it made them become poor. 


7. Rich People Set Financial Goals

The rich usually set goals, it may be for a week, month, year, some may even set goals of receiving daily alert. . For example they may set goals that they want to make sure they are earning 1,000,000 monthly, they will now divide it with 30days that will determine the amount they will be earning daily.

Some rich figure out how much they need to save, each year and each month to reach their financial goals. Once they have set their goal, they will write or note it down and keep it somewhere they can see them everyday. 

Those that are poor does not have any financial goals. 

Stay focused and follow the rich people footsteps, do what they are doing, imitate the rich if you want to be rich and successful.

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