7 Things Christians Practice Today That Are Not In The Bible

7 Things Christians Practice Today That aren’t within the Bible

Pastors and men of God lately practice things that aren’t biblical is to state the apparent.

We don’t know exactly how and why these practices started but some may assume the rationale is because they thought it pleases God or because they seek glory in themselves.

In this article, we shall explore seven (7) of those practices that became part and parcel of the Christianity but aren’t scriptural.

  1. there’s no a part of the Bible that instructs Christians to carry Sunday services or Sunday schools.

Emperor Constantine introduced Sunday as each day of worship for ancient Roman pagan tradition.

It is evident in Exodus 20 that Christians should keep the Sabbath day holy. Judging by Jewish calendar , Saturday is that the seventh day of the week, hence, it’s the sabbath day.

The New Testament confirms Jesus because he is the Lord of the Sabbath.

  1. Where did Christian priests get the thought of baptismal name?

Which Christian within the Bible took a replacement name after baptism?

Some priests go as far on baptise newborns. How are you able to baptise someone without their consent?

  1. Reverend Luther King was a smoker yet God used him mightily. There’s nowhere within the Bible where it’s stated that smoking may be a sin.

God gave us herbs for consumption (see Genesis 1:29). If anyone chooses to eat, smoke or bath weed, it shouldn’t be considered a sin. However, moderation is vital .

  1. At the time the Old Testament was compiled between 1200 to 165BC, trousers weren’t discovered. So, when it says males shouldn’t wear clothes that pertains to female and the other way around, it didn’t discuss trousers.

The New Testament was compiled between 10 AD and 13 AD. the primary known trousers were discovered around 10AD.

Let it’s known that the aim of trousers was because it made getting to battle easier. it’s preferred to robes.

  1. No priest has the facility to hitch a few in matrimony. it’s the prerogative of the oldsters . The Bible never mentioned white or church wedding.

What we examine is gift [and traditional]. Jesus attended the wedding in Cana to enjoy Himself [and because it has been designed that that’s where he will perform his first miracle] and to not join the couple.

  1. Where did Christians get the thought of ‘morning cry’, the disturbance publicly buses and things like that?

Jesus taught in synagogues, and Phillip met one on one with the Ethiopian Eunuch.

The right thanks to evangelise is to travel meet the person one on one or to evangelise at a spiritual gathering.

The shenanigans publicly buses constitutes nuisance. i feel government should do something about the shouts on streets while people are sleeping.

  1. How about those priests who install ATMs in churches? Should we still consider them men of God or business men? Or is kingdom business the proper term?

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