7 Strategies To Get Your Business Noticed

In case you are just starting up a business, and you have been looking for how to get your business noticed or how to attract new customers and increase your sales. You are already in the right page.

Read this article to the end and see how you can get your small business noticed. There are many ways you can make the public know about your business and make them to patronize you. 

Here Are 7 Easy Strategies That You Can Use To Get Your Business Noticed. 

1. Make sure you are available in all social media/Establish your  profiles on social media sites:

Create an account in all the social media platform you see like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Pinterest etc. and update your profile with your business stuff, so when people come to any of your social media handles they will know the business you are doing and they will buy from you. Before you launch your social media sites, take time to work out that social media sites and make it look more professional, your target customers frequent. Post often. Then established pages or profiles on those sites and post content often. 

To centrally manage your social media posting, create recent, shareable content, business blogs etc. When you post unique and valuable contents on your blog, it is effective in driving and boosting your organic traffic. 

Create attention-grabbing graphics like fliers, logos etc and videos together with Your target market and share them across all of your social media profiles.  Don’t just go online to post pictures and start telling them to buy your products. With that it’s not easy to attract new customers, engage your social media in meaningful conversations which would draw their attention to your business.

You can also run ads on those social media platforms to grow your online presence which will also make a lot of people to see your products or services and know about your business and also motivate them to buy from you. 

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2. Run Give Away 

Give away samples is also a way of making your business noticed. Let your prospective customer taste your products, let them have a taste of what they want to buy from you. If you are doing this, your Business will be noticed.

You can also run give away by telling your present customers to refer a certain number of people to buy your products and they will get one of your products for free or they will be paid certain amount of money, you will gift them a special thing, it depends on you and your pocket. 

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3. Receive Reviews From Your Customers

You need your customers in getting your business noticed. People love to see or search for reviews  before trying out new products, businesses or services etc. If you don’t have reviews on your name or product, you have to start asking reviews from your customers, let them tell you how your products was, how it benefited them etc. 


4. Ask Your Family, Friends, Colleagues to Advertise For You and You Can Try Rewarding Them

If you are just starting the Business, and people have not noticed your business yet, you can tell your friends and families or staff to post your products or advert on your behalf on their social media like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Families and friends are not really ready to buy your products, they will expect you to give them for free, because they are close with you but their friends, colleagues, and families will see your advert through them and might likely patronize you.

With that your Business is getting noticed already. You can also reward individuals for sharing your links by providing them referral discount for their next purchase or you can also give them a gift or cash etc. 

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5. Open A Sales Page /Blog

You can open a diary or blog or sales page online like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram etc it depends on what suit you. Make sure you produce online contents for online users and share valuable tips concerning your products. You can even place up tutorial and recommendation videos online.  You can use video channels like YouTube and film and video social apps, Instagram and share your experience on such video platforms.

Don’t reveal all your tips and secrets, you can just share basic stuff that online users can relate with. You can show individuals how to do some basic stuff. Your Business can get noticed by that. 

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6. Create a Challenge

This is another strategy you need to follow in order to get your Business noticed, you can create a challenge.

So many people like freebies, so why can’t you create a challenge, tell people to promote your products, or refer people to you and the highest referral is going to receive a prize. This is an honest way to draw customers and make massive sales. You can find out what your potential clients would be interested in, use it to make challenge.

Make sure you attach a lot of value to your challenge. Make sure anything you will be adding as a prize to anyone that will win the challenge, make sure that the prize is really valuable and it should be something people won’t want to miss. For example you can say refer your friends and colleagues to buy this product from me, the highest referral will be getting free ticket to the nearby country, or the winner of the challenge will collect a certain amount of money or a car. It’s part of what you gained from the sales that’s what you will use for the challenge. 

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7. Create/Edit Videos

No matter the type of Business you are doing, you are expected to be expert in it. You can share your expertise for free using channels like YouTube and Vimeo. I’m not saying you should give away all the successful ideas and strategies you have learned, but you can create a short video that talks about your Business and also show them your role as an expert.

If you are a caterer, you can create how-to videos that show people how to make some snacks not all, maybe like chin chin or doughnut etc. easier stuff like that, or you can give baking tips and recipes for making one thing or the other. If you sell a weight loss product, you want to focus on providing better health, more energy, or feeling sexy, instead of your product itself. 

Build unique content, and post or upload it online for people to see. Create a following. When it’s time that they will need an expert in your field, you will be the first person coming to their mind.

Let your video focus on providing something your market wants or needs and how your products will benefit them when they purchase it.  That’s another way of making your Business noticed. They will see you as an expert, and they will come to patronize you. 

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