3 Children Are Missing In Epe Local Government Area of Lagos

These 3 children are missing in Epe.

The three children with the following names Feranmi Adeyemi, Raphael Sadiq and Toyosi Sadiq are missing in Poka (Sabo) area of Eredo LCDA, Epe Lagos State.

It was around 8pm yesterday 13th of May 2020 after the arrival of their parents from their various place of work that they noticed the absence of the kids.

Feranmi Adeyemi is four (4) years old from Adeyemi’s family in Poka under Eredo Local Council Development Area.

Feranmi Adeyemi

Rachael Sadiq is 5 years old and Toyosi Sadiq who happens to be the only girl among them is 7 years old from the same parent.

Toyosi Sadiq


It was around 8pm yesterday night when their mother arrived from her place of work that she noticed the absence of their two (2) missing children.

Raphael Sadiq

According to the mother Omotola Sadiq, she came back from the market around 8pm and walks straight into their room.

Speaking with Nairablink News, the mother said:

“It was a great surprise to me to see the food that I left for them to eat in the afternoon untouched. That was when I knew something must be wrong.

I checked around our house and every rooms in our house but couldn’t find my children.

I was the one that went to Adeyemi’s house while looking for my children and that was when they started looking for their grandchild Feranmi Adeyemi.

I am so much in pain right now, I am pleading to all the law enforcement agencies in Epe, Lagos and Nigeria at large, the Kings and every concerned agencies to help me find my children. Said the mother with tears.

The father of the children Mr. Sadiq Saheed also implore the government to come to their aid.

I was on my way coming back home from work when my wife called me that the kids are missing. She asked me if I had come back home to pick them to our family house but I was not even home during the day because I was busy at work.

Updtes from Nairablink news:

According to Nairablink news reports on the issue of the 3 children that were missing since yesterday.

Presently as at 10:15 am this morning, nairablink reporter was there live in a primary school located at Naforija in Epe behind Naforija town hall.

The three kids were found locked up in one of the classrooms in the school this morning.

The Headmaster of the school said he was called this morning that some children were found in the school.

And he has reported to the Divisional Headquarters Naforija, Epe. While he was waiting for the arrival of the police officers, the people gathered at the school gate had already forced themselves into the school to locate the children. Said the HM.

One of the children said at the Olive station that they went to the school yesterday and one of them jammed the classroom door and they could not come out of the class since yesterday.

Presently, people are doubting the statement of the kids because the HM said that all the classroom were locked.

The question is how did they got into the classroom?

How did they got into the school?

Who was the security on duty yesterday and how come he didn’t glace any of the kids while they were playing in the school before locking themselves up in the classroom.

But glory be to God that the children are found alive.

Parents should try as much as possible to take care of their children and make sure they are all safe where ever they are.

Check back for more updates from Nairablink news.

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