23rd of September Will Always Remain Evergreen in My Heart (18+)


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In a family of four, we had my mummy, dad and my precious sister.

On the 23rd of September will always remain evergreen in my heart, that very day my mum and sis went out to get cloth for my sister’s birthday.

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So, they went to get the cloth, 30 minutes latter my dad received a call from the hospital then they told us my mum and sis were involved in an accident…

What a Shock!!!

Hours later in the hospital the doctor broke the news that my mum and my sister are dead…

Few years latter

While chatting with a female friend my father called and told me to take care of the house cause he is preparing a surprise package, I wondered wat it could be then I had to follow his orders since I had no choice….

Hours later…..

I heard a knock on the door then I went to open it and I saw a sexy dark complexed girl with a big butt and breast I couldn’t take my eyes off it and I mostly think of it all day and night but I thought it was a normal thing for a guy…

The next two days

My dad asked me to get his car key from his room unknowingly to me my step mum was in the bathroom and the door was open all I saw was a hairy pussy with a dark nipple on the fresh and robust breast.

Immediately I got horney but because my dad was expecting me to come so I had to control myself.

I went to my room I thought of wat I saw and I started masturbating just then my step mum entered my room and she saw my long and big dick just then she started rubbing her body then she stylishly took off her cloth…

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I wanted to take my eyes off it but her tight pussy enticed me the more then her moaning got louder as she fingered herself I couldn’t control myself all I had to do was to lick those tight pussy and suck the hell out of her breast.

Just then she turned me making my face turn to the ceiling and she pull down my trousers and started sucking my dick, it was really sweet of her I couldn’t control it.

I just had to put my dick into her Virgina even though it was hard to make it entered I enjoyed every moans and this made me increase the way I was fucking her…

Just as I was having fun with her I heard a knock on the main door, I put on my cloth then I immediately left for the door… I guessed my father was up to something that night.

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He bought pepper soup and suya, I sat down and enjoyed each and every bite just then they took off the light and I wondered why my dad immediately went for the generator…

Alas, there was no fuel in the generator so my dad took the torch and went to his room while I enjoyed every bite of the food he bought…

Minutes later

They brought the light just then my father switched off the light and positioned it to where they were having sex just then I saw them kissing and just then my step mum unhooked the bra.

Just through the reflection I saw her breast I saw her giving my dad a blow job and I felt each sensation then my dad began to fuck her and she started squirting just then I heard please fuck me.

My sexy step mother was so much in the mood and I was astonished to hear her voice then I looked and this time patiently to see if my step mother was wit my dad.

But it was her friend that called out to me she really looked serious about getting fucked she ran as fast as she could to get to me and I couldn’t do anything I just watched her as her hand was shaking feeling nervous.

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Then I don’t know where the strength came from I carried her to my bedroom and locked the door she spoke in some language I couldn’t understand.

So I knew she wanted me to undress then I did so she started giving me blowjob and I had strong erection then I had to fuck her from the back which I have Never done before then it got to a stage that she couldn’t control herself.

Then she handed her breast over for me to suck and press as hard as I could while I was still fucking her I felt like licking her pussy then I sucked it out like my life depended on it.

Then i said wide pussy then she replied saying fuck till it tears this word made me go harder as we fucking each other we gasped into each others mouth and she moaned softly in my ears.

I thought within myself that I would have always want to fuck a girl like her….Er!!!! But I have no idea of who she is just then my step mum was knocking at the door shouting Dickson I NEED UR DICK IN MY PUSSY!!!

I was happy but also confused that how did she come to my room when my dad is at home and wat the heck is dis sexy prostitute doin in my room not knowing that all the answer to my questions was right in front of me.

Immediately I heard that I couldn’t control my sex urge I had to leave the sexy prostitute and attended to my step mom…

I went out of the room and kissed my step mom to the sitting room gently undressed her and pressed her and I fingered her softly.

Just then I remembered that my dad was at home I immediately put a stop to it and ran to my room without listening to the explanation.

….I went into my room and could not meet the sexy prostitute, I was confused but happy that I fucked such pussy.

The next day my dad left for the office and I was alone with my step mum.. I thought about the style we would do and how many rounds we would go just then I saw that sexy prostitute coming out from my step mum’s room.

Next Episode Will Base Upon Request!
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