0W Football Review 2022

Is 0W football website also an earning website with the motive of scamming people, later on, I suggest we all have come around those earning websites before? For instance, 86 Football, L8, etc

It earns and pays for more periods and then disappears, and the question we are now having in mind now is, Is 0W FB website Legit or a Scam?

I am sure you want to know more about Ow football that is why you are still reading this content, In the section below I will brief what 0W Football is.

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0W football is a website that helps its users, to earn in either two ways, which is via Gambling or Investing. And also 0W football is also an online money-making platform with inverse football predictions. You predict against the current game and you win. If the final result of the match is not the correct score you picked then you win.

Yea, you think 0W Football is the same as other platforms that want you to predict then lose all your hard earn money? After reading this article you will make a decision. With OW football you can only make 3-4 bets per to have refund protection in case of loss.

I am sure it will sound more interesting to you because there has never been an online platform protecting you from loss which supposes to be their profit I think. I will advise you to sit tight and read thoroughly because in a few sections of the content I will be guiding how to earn on the OW Football website.

0W Football Review

In this review, our job is to guide you by answering your related questions about OW Football website due to our experiences and research we make about the website.

The questions we will be discussing are:

  • What is 0W Football?
  • How to make money on OW Football website
  • How to withdraw from 0W Football
  •  Is 0W Football Legit or a Scam
  • Who is the founder of 0W Founder,
  • How to register on 0W Football.

What Is 0W Football

OW Football is a Turkish platform with the aim of elevating poverty through a football scheme. OW Football is also known as ow886 platform which allows users to earn by investing money and gambling also on OW Football. You may think it seems a bit risky but a lot of members claim that OW Football is actually very easy to make some extra cash from the website.

When Was 0W Football Launched

OW Football was launched in 2015, due to how research and user review it was said that 0w fb was known to a lot of people by the year 2022.

Is it true OW Football was launched in 2015, we don’t actually have the exact information about the launch date? But if it is true it means OW Football is a Legit platform to try out.

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How To Make Money On 0W Football

To make money on 0W FB you can either do it through depositing cash on the platform which the minimum you can deposit is #3,500 to purchase the least package on OW Football or earn money through referral which I will discuss in the section below.

How Does 0W Football Works

Daily Game Plan

  1. You can only make 3-4 bets per day to have refund protection in case of loss.
  2. Red bets are for everyone
  3. The black and gold bets are for members who have real and active subordinates (it has nothing to do with the money you have in your account) example: The first bet of black and gold color is for those with 10 real and active subordinates second bet of black and gold color is for those with 25 real and active Subordinates. The third bet of black and gold color is for those with 200 real and active subordinates
  4. The VIP bets for those who have $100 are blue and the $1000 VIP bets are brown and these 2 are placed in the VIP group

(Choose your game plan well according to the parameters you meet)

Advantages of VIP members

VIP members enjoy the basic financial protection of the team. If the plan predicts they will fail, they will be financially compensated and their profits will be safer and more stable!

VIP members have an extra plan per day with 4.5% profit and at least $5 profit per day

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VIP members invite friends to join the team to make money together, and you can get a 300TL bonus by accumulating 3 invitations on the same day

VIP members have higher income, inviting subordinates will have a role model effect, and it is easier to invite subordinates!

All students directly deposit $100 or a balance of $100 to become VIP1 members.

How to Develop an agent on 0W FB

First, we need to create a Whatsapp group or a Telegram group [0W Secure Win Investment Sharing Group]

 Then ask your friends to bring their friends to the group 【You can do some activities to attract more friends to the group】

Share our income results and income methods with friends in the group every day [You can share screenshots of daily and weekly income details in the group. Of course, if you earn $30-300 per day, even better, other people will also be interested! ]

 If a friend wants to join, ask him to register with your invitation code and tell him how to earn money! [If a friend wants to make money and is worried about losing money, you can help him replenish the minimum initial capital first, and then return it after making a profit. I agree

 Every day, if your friend earns $30, you earn $3, and if your friend earns $300, you earn $30. If you get $30,000, you get $3,000. Imagine if there were 10 subordinates or 100 subordinates, 1000 subordinates… 

To register click here


Telegram General Group

 Telegram Group

Telegram Group

Whatsapp Group


How To Register On OW Football Website

To Register on OW Football is a easy thing to do, the OW Football platform will guide you through the process by clicking on this link to register (Link)

How To Get Your 0W Football Referral Link

  • First register to 0W Football with this link (Register Link)
  • Go to your 0W Football Dashboard
  • Click on Referral or Invite Code 
  • Copy your invite code 33132808
  • Share it with your friends and family so each of you should earn

How To Withdraw From 0W Football 

0w Football Review

0W FB pays is a user on a daily basis once you reach the minimum withdrawal status, and take note that in every withdrawal you made you will be charged 5% service fees.

Is 0W Football Legit Or a Scam?

0W Football platform ‘is legit as of the time this content is written by April/May 2022, We can’t guarantee long-term faith in the website/platform but at this current period users of 0W Football have shown proof that 0W football actually is paying and it is Legit.

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